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    Moving into my first apartment!

    I'm moving into my first apartment in about a week! I was wondering if any of you had words of wisdom for a first timer when it comes to moving out of the house. I'll be moving in with my boyfriend in a different city. Anyone have any advice, things that you wish you knew when you moved? Or anything that I'll NEED when I move? Any help is appreciated! :D

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    Congratulations! How exciting :) I experienced the same thing 2 years ago (and 2 more times since then!) and I wish you much luck! I guess the only advice I can think of at the moment is to keep a pad of paper nearby for the first week or so, because you'll be making long lists of things you need that you didn't realize you would need! Dollar stores can be your best friend....don't freak out that you dont have everything, because it takes a lot of time to accumulate all of the "stuff" that you need for daily living! And dollar stores can be perfect for that...shower curtain liners, batteries, cooking utensils, etc. Anyway, I hope your move goes well, and have a blast decorating your new place!

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    Well, I haven't moved into my own apartment yet, seeing as I'm not even out of highschool yet, but I have had more than my fair share of moves. I love moving, actually.
    Anyways, Congratulations, most definately. I hope the move goes well.

    As far as advice? Just make sure you have a bag with essentials in it [toothbrush + toothpaste, two sets of clothes, a book, etc.] that you can carry with you and know where it is at all times, because then you don't have to hunt through boxes to find the stuff you really need or want, and you can relax a little!
    Other than that, just have fun, and don't stress out about it!

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    I just moved into my first apartment with my boyfriend a little more than a month ago, and I agree, it does take some time to accumulate all the stuff you'll need (we're still in the process of getting all the things we need).
    It really helps to have a master list of things you'll need...since you're moving to another city (which is what we did) and starting from scratch, it might be easier to buy all the stuff you'll need once you get there...we moved about 250 miles away in a pretty small car, so space was a very important factor. Once our clothes and computers were loaded into the car, there wasn't much room for anything else!
    You can keep a list on your fridge (or somewhere you'll remember), and add to it whenever you realize you need something.
    Also, it might be a good idea to have your utilities and services turned on before you get there...I didn't get our cable or phone turned on before we came, and I tried to call the cable company, and for some reason, I couldn't do it from my cell phone. So we needlessly suffered an internet-less existence for an extra week and a half.
    Ok, well I hope your move goes smoothly, and that you enjoy setting up your first place (it's fun)!

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    Thanks for the advice so far! I don't know if we'll have anything by the time we get there (like utilities) When I went to visit the apartment a few weeks ago, it seemed like things were turned on, so the only thing we'd have to worry about is cable. If that doesn't work though, I can take my laptop to the library next door and use their wireless! :D (It's important for me to answer emails because of my business)

    Keep the advice coming! Any moving advice? We'll be moving from Northern Cali to So Cal, so the drive isn't TOO long, but still. :)

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    My advice is to take things slowly. When I moved into my current apartment I was so excited about getting everything unpacked and set up that I pretty much wore myself out. It takes a lot longer than it seems! If you have any willing friends or family, you might want to invite them over for an unpacking party--it never hurts to have some extra hands around. Or, if you're on your own, make sure you work a little at a time, and take breaks to eat (it's suprisingly easy to forget to eat). Good luck!

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    Talk to your landlord to see what you need to turn on as far as utilities go, and what he/she will take care of (if anything). These things can take a few days to set up sometimes.

    Don't lose your copy of the lease. Keep a file folder of this and other important documents.

    Establish a schedule (even a really loose one) for housecleaning and other chores with your boyfriend.

    Give each other space (mental and physical). It's a big adjustment.

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    Hmmm, my first apartment (and it was also with my boyfriend, and another friend)...

    You both need your space, neutral areas that you can go to get away from the other person. In a small apartment that may not be possible, so try to find a local spot, like a coffeeshop or library that is all yours.

    Is this his first apartment? While I like to think men are getting better do not be surprised if he has no idea how to do basic household chores like laundry or cooking. Even if he is good about these things it is really good to make a division of chores so that one person doesn't feel like they are doing too much. Try to match your schedules and interests - like if you are home more it might be easier for you to do the laundry, or if he likes to cook, then you can do the dishes. Some things, no one likes to do and you just have to split them up fairly.

    I've moved five times in my life and every time it takes me longer and longer to really move in. Don't feel like you have to rush to buy everything that you think everyone else has. Once you are actually living in the place you can more easily see what your needs are.

    Try to split the bills so that you each have at least one in your name so that you can establish credit.

    Get a cookbook, living on your own is expensive, you can't eat out very much and still be able to afford rent.

    When you do need stuff like chairs or kitchen supplies check out used furniture stores and thrift stores. Honestly - I'm 28 now and I think the only thing in my apartment now that I had in my first apartment is a bookcase (that I hate, but I need it for my books).


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