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    I HATE knitting. grr. grr. grr

    Okay, I don't really hate knitting, it just frustrates me to no end. I think I have to face the fact that I may never be able to knit. I can't even complete a scarf without screwing it up. *sigh* In the last 5 years I have not been able to finish one single project. I screw up somewhere along the way and instead of trying to fix it or start over, I throw it in the trash. I'm a lttile better at crocheting, although I've never attempted anything more than a scarf. Tonight is a knitting meet up so maybe I'll give knitting one more go. *sigh* Wish me luck. If I do ever manage to complete a knitting project I'm taking a million pictures and bragging until I get thrown off the board.

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    My sympathies. I know it's frustrating. I vowed never to knit again after the pain and suffering I endured to make a striped scarf for a friend one Christmas. After a few months away from my needles, I decided to give it a try again and I've been knitting happily for over 2 years now! I still consider myself to be at the beginner/intermediate level, but there are lots of fun things a gal can make with that skill-set.

    My pieces of advice to you are:

    - Don't be afraid to pull out part of your work once you notice a mistake. Yes it's discouraging, but fixing it and moving on will help you feel better.

    - Don't expect absolute perfection. I dont' think I've ever completed a knitting project that didn't have mistakes in it. Most of the time, I'm the only one who knows they're there.

    - Try a less labor intensive project. While scarves are simple, they also take a damn long time to finish. Instead, consider making something square like a wash cloth or hot pad or perhaps two larger squares sewn together to make a cute little purse. Nothing is as satisfying and encouraging as a finished project.

    Good luck!

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    100% right on to the last point, danielepea. Scarves are HARD. I've been knitting for several years and I still don't like to make them, because they're so repeative I screw up because I'm not paying attention! I did, on the other hand, make about a zillion potholders and washcloths when I first started knitting. That went very well.

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    i had trouble completing my first helped when i got bamboo needles...i had a much easier time & i made fewer mistakes because they weren't as slippery (as plastic or metal). i also made little writstbands and sewed up the seams instead of trying a scarf project.

    i really wish i would've had the stitch n' bitch handbook YEARS ago, it's really helped me knit better

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    I knit a LOT, and seriously, if there isn't at least one mistake, ya know I didn't knit it. Don't give up!


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