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    I'd been toying with the idea of taking some fashion design classes - not for a degree or anything, but just to get some practical training. I've been sewing and crafting most of my life, but I usually use patterns (often modifying them a bit but never straying too far), and I'd like to learn the techniques for creating my own clothing from scratch.

    Several people I know have recently suggested the same thing to me, not even knowing I was thinking about it already (maybe it's my constant talk about my latest knitting project or my current fascination with Project Runway).

    So today I went online to see what was available at my local Art Institute, which is conveniently situated just a couple blocks from my house...and dammit! Most of their locations offer fashion design programs, but not the one in my town. Failing that, I looked at all the other colleges, art schools and trade schools in Denver - and not one of them offers even a single class in fashion design.

    I guess I'll go to the library and look for some books to try to teach myself a few things. Sigh.

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    Me, too!

    I live in a college town with a renowned School of Fashion, but can't really swing tuition, or much time, right now.

    But! I can hit their book store and jot down the textbooks they are using, and we can get them from Amazon!

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    for clothing techniques, you might want to look at classes in clothing construction or pattern drafting at your local community college. most colleges have a "consumer studies" type department where they offer sewing and clothing construction classes.

    i'm sure this isn't always the case, but in my experience, fashion design classes don't include much practical learning. they are more about drawing pictures of clothes than actually making them.


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