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    Dec 2004
    Name: DustiKay
    Location: Florida
    Age: 29
    married, three kids (2 girls/1 boy)
    Pets:cat Apples, cat friend who lives in the backyard Kitty the Girlfriend Kitty, currently on the look out for a beagle to be named (possibly) Whiskey

    I collect:
    found objects, elephant figurines, fairy stuff, mickey mouse stuff, paper

    I just relearned how to crochet and I am really enjoying embroidery at this moment.

    My favorite crafts involve glue and lots of it.

    I have been slowly learning how to knit.
    I can't cook and have been often kicked out of kitchens.
    I kill plants, including cactus

    I read anything I can get my hands on
    I love photography but can't afford a good enough camera.
    I enjoy writing but do not do it often enough.

    My children are my world.

    I haven't stopped listening to the music of my "hey-day" so my daily spins are Throwing Muses, Belly, Adorable (in right now), Pixies, Sonic Youth...

    I am an Aquarius, my birthday was about 2 weeks ago
    My closest friend is someone I met on glitter and I have never met her in real life, but I love her and trust her with my whole heart.

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    Dec 2004
    Michigan, USA
    Name: Ryan (I was named after the soap opera, "Ryan's Hope"- REALLY!)
    Location: Michigan
    Age: 27
    Single, no kids. I've given up looking for "Mr. Right" If he's that great, he'll know where to find me. :)
    Pets: One kitty, Bella. She's the most spoiled cat I know, but my roommates and I love her dearly. I rescued her from the Humane Society about three years ago when she was very sick and skinny and now she is definetly living quite the life. :)

    I have gotten more into cooking lately (thanks to Food TV and "Cooking Light") and actually sort of enjoy it now. Much better than the Healthy Choice meal I'm currently eating for lunch. :)

    I recently leared to knit and I love it! It was a little tricky getting the hang of things, but I made a bunch of scarves and am about to embark on making a baby blanket for a friend of my sister.

    My current crafting project is beading purses for my best friend who is getting married, and my sister and me to carry at her wedding.

    The qualities I most value in friends are honesty and a sense of humor.
    I love to read- especially now that I'm out of school, I have more time to read "non-school books" which is great. I still love going to the library- it reminds me of being a little kid.

    I like all kinds of music, but lately, I've been listening to a lot of Coldplay and just downloaded the Killers. The soundtrack from "Garden State" is also one of my recent faves.

    I'm an Aquarius, but I never really thought I fit the descriptions.
    My birthday is Jan. 24.

    I'm from Michigan, and I've lived here my whole life. My favorite places to go on vacation are Northern Michigan and Fripp Island, SC. Both of those are places where I can completely relax. :)


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    Aug 2004
    portland, or
    Name: Liz
    Location: Philadelphia, PA
    Age: 29
    Pets: two cats: Sasquatch, my street mutt, and Count Chocula, my pampered Persian

    Knitting, weaving, rug-hooking, some embroidery, some sewing, painting, cooking (esp. bread baking), beer brewing. And I'm going to learn handspinning this weekend...yay!

    I'm a DJ in my spare time. I have a show at a radio station at the college where I got my masters' and I also DJ in a club once a month. I mainly play heavy metal for my radio show and 1970s-era hard rock at the club.

    I love gardening. I worked on an organic farm on weekends last summer and now it's a fantasy of mine to have a little place with a few acres where I can grow things to my heart's content.

    My background is library science, though currently I'm working in a job that's only tangentally related to libraries. Right now I'm conducting a coast to coast job search for an academic librarian position. We'll see how that goes.

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    Name: Susan
    Location: NE Ohio College Town
    Age: 38
    Married to Spouse 12.5 yr. Met a Dead Milkmen show.
    Children: Will, 10 yo; Harrsion 7.5yo. Both Gifted, and frighteningly artistically talented.
    Pets: Alice, 3yo Black Lab. Fig, 7mo Chocolate Lab.

    Collections: antique photgraphs..I like to think that when I am dead, someone may possibly still want my image as a record fo my time spent here. Antique postcards. Vintage clothes/jewelry and hats! Ideas. Other people's children....both in my work and they congregate at our house. Cool fabric, vintage notions.

    Read lots, but very eclectic. Classics to pop culture crap. Prefer Historical. Most fave book read in last year:"Made From Scratch", by Jean Zimmerman. Domestic Arts as an expression of Feminism. Cool.

    I design, sew, and embroider corsets and 19th century lingerie....long story. Design and sew Boys'Halloween costumes. Have a passion for fabric and textiles. Spouse travels extensively abroad and brings me back bits of fabric, buttons, etc.

    Have 1/2 BFA in graphics completed..but I switched to a more lucarative, but less satisfying career. Won some prestigious regional shows/awards when younger. Spouse wants me to return to school to finish my BFA..Trying to get my crafty act together to generate income so I can foresake current career.

    Considering taking a glass blowing course.

    Have several cameras to putz with.

    Paint & draw. Experimenting with collage.

    I make embellished fabric boxes.

    Love to Thrift and Antique.

    Exercise my Kitchen Aid every few days, baking and cooking.

    I'm a slob.

    I can neither knit nor crochet.

    I cannot remember my cell phone number and always have to check the phone to give the number to anyone.

    Try not to listen to most radio, other than NPR or local college station. Spouse was college radio DJ, so also a music snob. Again, eclectic ....listening to James,...Green Day...David Gray......Just depends on my mood.

    Take the Boys to galleries, museums, and Sat. art lessons at University.

    Still do kids crafts as a Cub Scout Leader...give me TP tubes, felt, glitter glue, and rubberbands and I can keep (6) 7yo's busy for an hour.

    Have a Victorian-Craftsman transitional Century house with slate roof, plaster walls, hardwood floors. I taught myself to plaster walls/ceilings, strip floors, faux finish, replace windows, and do plumbing. Spouse always a bit leary when returns from a business trip......

    Gemini with Cancer Rising...Horse.

    For my birthday, I'm getting a William Morris tattoo.

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    San Diego, CA
    Name: Amy
    Location: San Diego, CA
    Age: 28
    single, no kids, no pets (perhaps someday this all will change, but I'm in no hurry)

    I collect:
    A bunch of junk really. I'm a pack rat, it's hard for me to throw anything away. As I am dangling objects over the trash can, I always think "but I could make this into something..."

    My favorite crafts are my current crafts. I have a short attention span, and once I've made something, I often ditch it and move on to the next craft. Past craftiness has included sewing, book-making, card-making, photo albums and scrapbooks, wire and bead hangy-things, sock monkeys, treasure boxes, picture frames, jewelry, oragami, and other crafts involving scissors, paper, fabric and glue.

    I have been crafty since my very young days. My grandma often tells the story about how I would come over to her house and say "grandma, I have to cut!" She would sit me in a big cardboard box with a stack of paper and kid's scissors, and I'd happily cut away for hours.

    I have a special place in my heart for children's school supplies (especially yummy-smelling erasers).

    I'm also very into baking, especially cake decorating. I will be in culinary school sometime in the next 8 months, depending on where life takes me (physically). San Diego is beautiful, but it's time to move on. Top choices are San Francisco or Northahmptom, Mass.

    I love discovering new (or new to me) music, I frequent record stores and music sites, I love "Sounds Eclectic" on KCRW (NPR) in Los Angeles.

    I am a Scorpio near the Libran cusp (October 25), and I'm probably a lot like both.

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    Grand Rapids MI
    i'm a new poster, so I dig this thread:

    Name: Jacqueline
    Location: Michigan
    Age: 23
    Married, no kids
    Pets: none

    I collect:
    CDs, books, makeup/bath stuff, beads, yarn. I'm not a big "collector" - I hate clutter!

    My fave craft is knitting, but I also make jewelry, homemade bath goods, and stamp cards (NO it's not just for soccer moms! :) )

    I'd like to learn to crochet, and draw/paint something that actually looks recognizable. I love to craft, but my right-brain sometimes suffers...

    I am struggling with finally "learning" to cook without giving myself e.coli.
    I love to read, write, watch football and hockey (although unfortunately neither will be on till at least august :( ) and have great conversations

    I love to listen to peoples' stories.

    I like anything from the 1940s.
    I am thrilled to find a place where people have actually HEARD OF the Dead Milkmen and Sarah Brightman, cause I'm a fan of both!

    I'm a Gemini, June 19.
    I've lived here all my husband is from Detroit but right now we live a 1/2 hour from Lake Michigan. I love summer and being so close to a clean beach.

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    Rochester, NY
    Bacontogo....what are stamp cards? And why would I think they were only for soccer moms?


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    Bacontogo, you're a Sarah fan too! Right on! Pleased to meet you. I have La Luna in right now. On repeat. ;)

    I'm so glad this thread has taken off! I might print it out so I can get a better feel for everyone. I like knowing who likes Hello Kitty and who does what craft.


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    Name: Cara
    Location: Philadelphia
    Age: 24
    in a relationship
    Pets: Bast, my bf's black cat.

    I collect: Public radio coffee mugs, old (50s/60s/70s) books on sex from an abnormal psych-type perspective

    I'm currently working on my PhD in neuroscience. My thesis project is on how estrogen and progesterone physically re-wire the female brain, as in alterations in synaptic connectivity. I'm currently TA-ing Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience, a course on the electrical and biochemical properties of neurons. It really sucks.

    I grew up in a small town in Western NY (Fredonia) and did my undergrad in Pittsburgh. It doesn't snow nearly enough in Philly.

    Crafty-wise, I like to knit and do embroidery. I'd like to learn to sew as well, since I can't follow a pattern and am thereby reduced to hemming all my pants (I'm 5'1") and making pillows and the like. I seriously have 8 knitting/embroidery projects I'm in the middle of right now. And I love to cook.

    I like reading but have hardly any time for fun reading right now. I'm currently trying to get through Gogol's "Dead Souls" but I'm thinking it might have to wait until I have a bit more time and evergy.

    I'm a bit of a music nerd and despite outgrowing the scence a bit, I still have all sorts of industrial band genealogy in my head. Though I listen to less angry stuff more now.

    I post on glitter under "neurochic" and I'm a cancer.

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    Re: Let's talk about us!

    ooh, I love these things; I love to see how everyone matches up (or doesn't) to the general idea I have in my head from reading their posts!

    Name: Karen
    Location: Virginia, the land of the potential (now-dead) baggy pants law
    Age: 25 (as of last week!) (Aquarius)
    married, one daughter (nicknamed Rabbit), one stepdaughter

    we're getting a caramel-colored German Shepherd puppy next month. (I haven't actually seen this dog yet, but mr. lemming is in love with her. I'm wary about face-biting.)

    I collect everything. I'm a packrat. off the top of my head: postcards, photo albums, reindeer, kitschy owl stuff, makeup, BOOKS, 50s-style jewelry, craft supplies, vintage-y cookbooks and kid's books, etc, etc.

    craftwise, I like to dabble in everything, not that I'm actually all that good at any of it. I really enjoy painting and cooking. oh, and decoupaging with half-dead old books -- I feel like it gives them a little extra life.

    I will learn the basics of almost anything, and then get bored halfway through my first project and move on. the last example of this was my crocheting endeavor, which ended in two rows of single crochets. I had to take a year-long break from crafting when we moved because everything was packed away, and am just now trying to get back in the groove.

    I do coupons, too! but always forget to turn them in.

    reading is my favorite non-person thing on earth, excepting spring and autumn days spent outside. also love taking pictures, writing, collecting recipes, and making lists of things to learn about.

    I've lived in Virginia all my life, and I feel most at home in the mountains, even though my town is actually miles and miles away from them. the Shenandoah Parkway is my favorite warm-day driving/picnic spot, and we usually spend our vacations in the Smokies. since I can't live in the mountains, I settled for a three-acre wooded lot, so there are trees all around us and I can pretend.

    five years after we got married, mr. lemming and I actually have a place that is all our very own, and I have no idea how to furnish it. I'm so stressed out about this right now: I have no decorating sense, and I can never decide on paint colors, and we don't really have any furniture except a kitchen table, and we have no money to buy new stuff yet.

    music . . . I go through phases. right now I'm in an old old country/honkytonk and/or singer/songwriter phase. past phases have included: Hipster Rock, Too Cool Indie Stuff, Metal, "Alternative," Cheesy Country, and Grrrlie Rock. (actually, the grrrl rock stays throughout my other stuff). I love Ben Folds and Neko Case! and Laura Dawn. it's all mixed up.

    I took one semester of college before I got too bored to stand it anymore. (I was working full-time and attending college full-time, so I was also too tired to sit through Linguistics class.) I ended up skipping classes, sitting out on the grass in the quad, and writing. someday I'll go back, but it will be to explore subjects that I'm interested in instead of just to get a degree.

    I do graphic design, but at this moment, I'm more of a glorified typesetter. I'm very touchy about design, though, to the point that ugly design (or what I see as ugly design, I understand that I'm not the god of design here) actually offends me to a degree. I'm also VERY VERY picky about spelling. typos make me want to weep. if I'm reading a book, and I see a typo, it throws me out of the book and I will end up bitching about it later.

    I was raised Baptist, but I'm not sure what I am now. I was sent to public school, homeschooled, and sent to a Baptist school. my favorite was public school, if only because I had more adventures there (like getting "high" on sugarcubes and then talking to a stuffed bear throughout English class), but I met my best friend in private school, so they're kind of even.

    uh, and I apparently like to talk about myself. :)

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