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    Name: Julina
    Location: Chicago
    Age: 23
    in a relationship
    Pets: my cat lives with my parents and I miss her very much. My boyfriend's cat is a good filler pet for now, even though he doesn't sleep under the covers with me like my cat does.

    Here are the crafts I like to do: knitting, crochet, sewing, making buttons, applique, thinking about designing my website, making things with felt, painting my apartment, and arranging/organizing things. At some point I'd like to get a silk screener and a gocco printer, but those don't fit into the budget at the moment. I'd also like to be able to sew my own clothes, which I think will be doable once I have the time and courage to sit down and give it a go.

    I like to live in different cities. I grew up outside San Francisco, went to school in Boston and London, spent a summer in New York, and now I live in Chicago. Within the next few months I'll be moving back to San Francisco, this time to live in the city.

    I make lots of lists, and I tend to pick up after people like my roommate and my boyfriend without really realizing what I'm doing. I get these traits from my dad.

    My favorite kinds of music are twee pop, indie-ish rock and pop, and oldies. I like to think I have pretty good taste but I don't think of myself as a music snob. This is because occasionally I like a song by a band like Linkin Park and, therefore, I can't claim any superiority.

    Oh, and I love to read. When I read a really good book (like The Time Traveler's Wife) I have to drop everything else and read the entire thing in one sitting. Yesterday I interviewed for a job at a bookstore and realized I was born to be surrounded by books. This is a trait I get from my mom.

    And I love getcrafty. It has saved my life at my terrible job (which will be over next week) and it has inspired me in many many crafty ways!

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    It's been great to read all these!
    I'll try my hand:

    Name: Selah
    Location: Boston
    Age: 35
    Married, One amazing boy 2 1/2 years old
    Born: Bangkok, Thailand - moved back and forth between there and the U.S. (dad in army)
    Pets: we're all three allergic to them all. I see fish in our future.

    I collect: Marimekko, old bottles, Obey giant stuff, anything lotus flower, found objects, textiles, and Clementine crates for storage in my craftroom.

    Addicted to: Freecycle, craigslist, yard and rummage sales. Building a collection of midcentury modern pieces (on the CHEAP). The library (I condsider all my late fee, and there are many, donations to the cause), Utz salt and vinegar potato chips and my gameboy tetris.

    My current favorite craft is sewing paper and vinyl.
    I also love making things with my son. We just made a kick butt puppet theater with Thai silk curtains.
    I'd like to learn to felt.
    I love to read and make my husband laugh.
    I plan big and little things in my head that can't/don't always get done, like someday redoing the inside of an old airstream to sit on our property that we don't own yet!

    I listen to ska, Ben Harper, Old school Sesame Street tunes (manamana), jazz, banjo tunes, Dan Zanes (for all you crafters with kids who haven't heard him yet check it out of your local library and dance your heart out in your living room)

    I'm proud that my son asks me, "Mommy is that your style?" when we watch Crafters Coast to Coast (okay so tv isn't great for kids but that show is better than violent cartoon crap) When we make projects he works the peddle on the sewing machine. I'm proud that I give my son opportunities to make a "glorious mess". It makes my heart sing when he says, "I'm an artist, ya know!"

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    Name: Autumn
    Location: Twin Cities
    Age: 27
    Married, 3 kidlets Iryche 8, Zadye 4, and Aiko 2
    Pets: 6 yo orangey cat Osiris and brand new 2 mo shih tzu Odin

    I collect: too much, dad was/is an antique dealer and I started at an early age, I've got Bakelite jewelry and am working on a collection of Bakelite handled kitchen utensils to hang on my kitchen walls once I get that ugly country heart wallpaper off it, anything thats glass and cobalt blue (amazing how much a color can touch your soul), craft supplies, especially fabric, have gobs that I buy at thrift stores, estate sales, loving the "ugly vintage" patterns lately...old plastic purses..rag rugs I find for 50 cents at garage sales...antiques christmas decorations, all things asian...

    I have more neat ideas to try crafting than I actually of the reasons I like this board, I live kids love to sew with me tho I don't do anything with a pattern or a machine, and sewing everything by hand takes a long time, I'm afraid of sewing machines tho, when I was five i was using my moms and sewed thru my finger...I do enjoy crosstitching, jewelry and ornament making, candle making, coloring with crayons and building with legos, recently discovered solder and glue guns and am thrilled at the possiblilties

    I try to read every book that comes into my house, have a tough time with non-fiction tho unless its anthropological case studies, usually only get thru a couple pages otherwise. I have recently been into James Clavell, Shel Silverstein, Sandra Boynton, and getcrafty forums

    I go thru huge phases with my music, listen to something from every genre, definately not a snob, I get too many pop and hip hop songs seared into my head for that. All time favs are Eartha Kitt, Billie Holiday, Beastie Boys, Beatles, Vivaldi, I like zydeco, old bluegrass, Bollywood, early nineties rap, late nineties techno, anything that makes me feel something

    I like typing in run-on sentences...

    I like to cook even tho my family is beyond picky...I can get the man and the youngest to eat a lot of Indian food right now which is good, its on the top of my list...I am definately a carnivore, altho I feel I should actually go hunt once to make me not take for granted the animals that I eat

    I'm an awful housekeeper, I think there are too many other things that are more important to be doing then cleaning undermy refrigerator...I am also definately less stressed when my house IS clean...quandries galore...I don't make my kids get out of the mud puddles, or leave the bathtub when they've realized with their clothes still on, the water never got drained from the night before, we have flour and powdered sugar fights when making rosettes, there is glitter and playdoh on the floor behind me from half an hour ago when I started this post and the culprits I believe are downstairs watching one of daddy's kung fu movies

    this was fun, too fun

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    St. Louis, MO
    Name: Kristy
    Age: 25
    Location: St. Louis, Missouri
    Status: Single, no kids
    Education: BFA, Fashion Design
    Occupation: Assistant Footwear Designer

    I love making things; whether it is art, baking cookies or even as simple as making memories with my family (laughing, reminiscing, etc.).

    I crochet, kinda knit, quilt, sew anything (handbags, clothes, etc. etc. etc), make collages, like to garden, play video games, play The Sims2, bake *My dad loves my lemon meringue pies*, listen to music, watch movies, etc.

    I can't say that I really collect anything in particular, I just pick up what I like. I tend to gravitate towards the strange and quirky (think Tim Burton-like) **I even have a skull&crossbones tattoo from a TimBurton sketch**

    I wouldn't mind finding a guy, as I would love to have someone to wrap my arms around; but am fine being me right now.

    I love Margaritas, Vodka&Cranberry Juice and for my favorite non-alcoholic drink: Milk *Yep, I prefer it to soda anyday*

    I have traveled to Chicago, New Orleans (for Mardi Gras), Las Vegas (for work convention) and not much else. Little towns here and there; but nothing wonderful.

    I would love to live in a small town, own a boutique, participate in the local fairs and live a simple life (maybe with someone special)...could never imagine wanting to live in NYC-too fast for my taste.

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    Fort Collins, CO
    Name: Nicole
    Location: Colorado
    Age: 28
    Boyfriend of 4.5 years
    No pets, but I really want to get a cat soon!

    I collect:
    bits of broken glass I find on the sidewalk (my favorite find was a piece of thick, clear scratched glass that naturally broke in the shape of a heart), vintage photos and ephemera, coffee mugs, books, glass in many forms.

    Stained glass is my favorite craft- I especially enjoy making stained glass jewelry and placing images behind glass.

    I'd like to learn to screen print and would like to try working with precious metal clay. I wish I took more photos, and would love to have lots of art journals filled with my pictures and drawings and words.

    I like John Mayer, the Indigo Girls, and old showtunes and crooners like Frank Sinatra.

    I'm a Cancer, born July 1.
    I'm originally from South Dakota, but moved to Colorado 3 years ago to chase my art dreams.

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    Miami (Kendall), Florida
    Name: Pam
    Location: Noblesville, Indiana - a 'burb of Indianapolis
    Age: 34
    Married for 15.5 years (got married at 18!)
    3 sons 14.5, 13, 11
    Pets: Shih Tzu named Chuy (pron. "Chewy"), two cats: Roo and Sexy

    Vintage fabric is my latest thing to go out looking for, but i've collected old glass pitchers, old postcards from Michigan and Indiana, little funny wooden or plastic (japanese candy box) characters, rubber art stamps, stationary, and tourist magnets.

    I cover the entire art and craft spectrum. I think this is because I am probably ADD and cannot settle on one thing! This includes: painting, surface design, sewing, quilting, embroidery, metalsmithing, beading, weaving, knitting, needle felting, ceramics, mosaics, and much more! I spend most of my time sewing handbags and totes, however. Newest toy: Print Gocco! I'm in love...

    I think I am DJ #3 in this thread. I've done radio, but I prefer live parties. Since '97, i've had my own disc jockey business. Weddings, school dances, reunions, community festivals, and stuff like the 60th surprise bday party I am doing tomorrow night. The music I listen to in my "off hours" is anything I don't play at parties! My recent favorite is a group called King Wilkie. Saw them at a folk music festival last year and i'm in love!

    I drink waaaaay too much Diet Coke. Tipsy treats include the fresh squeezed margaritas and the Long Island Ice Teas my husband makes. I also like making my own sangria.

    My 2001 Ford Escape has 110,000 miles on it from driving all over the US and to Canada. I love travelling!! I've also been to Germany and Austria a couple of times and this May will go to Ireland and the UK. I'm also thinking about driving to Arizona and New Mexico in a couple of weeks. Just for the heck of it!

    My hometown is Grand Haven, Michigan. That is where the craftistas of Grand Rapids go for a beautiful clean beach! (Hello there, Miss GR!). I miss West Michigan so much. Luckily, family still lives there so we can visit. The rest of my family is in Florida and South Texas. How perfect is that?!

    Sagitarius, Nov 26.

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    Name: Daniele
    Age: 25
    Location: New Orleans, LA
    Status: Single, no kids
    Pets: dust bunnies behind the fridge

    I was born and raised in NJ (with a few years in Greece as a toddler). After college I moved to NYC. Now I am in NOLA for grad school. I am attempting to get an MPH in International Health and Development from Tulane.

    Collections: I am trying to be less of a horrid pack rat than I used to be. But things that are currently residing at my mom's house include Alice in Wonderland realted stuff and the little figurines that come in Red Rose tea. Here at my apartment I've got all of my CDs with me and, of course, a yarn stash.

    I am quite the crafty dilletante. I like to dabble in all sorts of things, but I never muster up the attention span to master anything. I am very fond of knitting and recently started playing around with crochet. I like to make things out of beads and wire and chain and the like. I am sad that I had to leave my sewing machine behind when I moved down here. One of these days I'd like to get into print-making/silkscreening.

    While I am not reading books for class I tend to borrow quirky nonfiction and humor from the local library across the street. I am currently reading Eats Shoots and Leaves when I don't have my nose stuck in my virology text or a stack of health behavior articles. And I always love me some David Sedaris.

    My musical tastes are expanding everyday. I used to be an alternative/indie-rock only kind of gal, but now my Radiohead, White Stripes, and PJ Harvey must share space in iTunes with the likes of Lamb, Los Amigos Invisibles, and Public Enemy. Oh, and I am hopelessly in love with my iPod.

    I love love love to travel. Domestically I've been lots of places, but mostly our family vacations were to California to visit all relatives out there. I made a few trips to Denver when my best friend lived out there. I've done most of the mid and North Atlantic states at some point (except for Rhode Island... sorry Rhode Island). I did a mid-west road trip one summer to visit a friend in Cleveland, and be in a friend's wedding in Michigan. Internationally I've mostly stuck to Europe: England, Ireland, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Greece. I've also taken a few day trips across the border to Mexico and spent a wonderful week and half on the beaches and in the jungles of Costa Rica. I hope to go somewhere totally ridiculous for my summer internship this year.

    I have been in love with New York City since I was 5 years old. When I am old I want to live in a brownstone in Brooklyn so I can sit on the stoop all day and yell at the neighborhood kids.

    I am a Gemini, born on June 5th.

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    Lovely to meet all of you craftistas :

    Name: Maureen
    Location: Kilbirnie, Scotland (transplant from Casa Grande, AZ)
    Living with my fiancee and planning a wedding soon...
    I am divorced and my 15 yr old daughter lives with her dad in FLA.

    I just had to give up my long haired dashound mix Shelby cause I couldnt bring him over seas :( Trying to warm up to my fiancee's cockatiel but ya know somehow it aint the same LOL. Im pushing for a kitty :D

    I am a free lance illustrator/painter/writer. Just got my first illustration offer for a kid's book and hope to be published this year.

    Currently reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown...and will dive into the Da Vinci Code when Doug (my finacee is finished with it.) I will have 8 (that's right, count 'em!) 8 stepchildren soon and I am hoping to not be the stereotypical hated stepmom. Trying to get used to the local Scottish fare...beans, fish and chips and black pudding. (Y'all dont even want to KNOW whats in black pudding....*YARK!*)

    I love to journal and am planning on sketching and painting all the beautiful architechture and old buildings in my little town. It is simply gorgeous here, but cold and I cant wait for spring!

    Im a Libra, with Taurus rising and a Gemini moon. I love anything artsy crafty (except macrame...Im a devoted macrame basher) Im a coffe-holic, love illuminated manuscripts, the symphony, Dave Matthews and old blues music. I was raised by my grandparents and my gram who is 90 is still my best friend.

    I absolutely love getcrafty...what a stroke of pure genius :)
    Looking forward to the coin purse exchange :D

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    Dallas, TX
    Name: Alison
    Age: 28
    Location: Dallas, TX
    Status: Living with boyfriend of 11 (yes, 11) years; no kids
    Pet: 1 cat - Willow - who I rescued from a no-kill organization and who promptly turned into the world's most spoiled diva cat

    I collect: Hello Kitty stuff (I have much love for the Kitty), more books than I could ever hope to read, more craft supplies than I could ever hope to use

    I've been beading since I was in high school, and it is still one of my favorite crafts (off-loom weaving and wire wrapping). I also recently learned to knit and picked up crocheting again after a loooong sabbatical, and I love them both. I also like to do collage, though I'm not especially good at it as of yet. I hate cooking and am not a good housekeeper.

    I have one tattoo - a sun with a crescent moon in the center in the small of my back. I am pondering getting a couple more. I am also thinking of getting my belly button pierced so I can have a Hello Kitty navel ring - it seemed more advisable than the Hello Kitty tattoo I thought about getting for about 30 seconds.

    I am a high school librarian, and I LOVE to read - lots of young adult lit, obviously, plus poetry and anything else that catches my fancy. I just finished Jonathan Stragne and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke, which I enjoyed very much; I also love Meg Cabot, Nick Hornby, Francesca Lia Block, Jane Austen, Neil Gaiman, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien - I wrote my honors thesis on college on Lewis and Tolkien, back before they were trendy. In terms of music, I'm pretty eclectic - I like a little bit of just about everything. Lately, I've been into Aimee Mann, Elliott Smith, The Arcade Fire, Bright Eyes, and Beth Waters. I love, love, love movies and anything by Joss Whedon (I'm in the middle of watching season 3 of Angel on DVD right now). I'm also sort of fantical about Gilmore Girls.

    I like Dr. Pepper more than any right thinking person should.

    I guess that's sort of me in a nutshell. I'm so glad I found the get crafty boards. It's awesome to know that there are so many other awesome crafty girls out there. :)


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    Portland, OR
    This is fun!

    Name: Kyle
    Age: 24 1/2
    Location: Portland, OR
    Birthpace: Bethel, Alaska
    I am in a long-term relationship, and we have a daughter who is 1 1/2.
    No pets, but I know Mr. Buttonarcade is going to bring home a stray cat any day now for our little. She loves cats, and totally freaks whenever she sees any animal!

    I like: Hanging up old pictures of people I don't know.
    Tony Millionaire
    putting quarters in machines
    making buttons (It's true! I am just lucky I am able to make $ off it!)
    The Transformers
    collecting dishes that don't match (I'm clumbsy, and break things a lot)
    watching my bf draw
    crafting in general (I switch it up constantly)
    cutting my own hair when I can't sleep, or have just watched a really good movie =)
    getting coffee
    I am also a Unitarian, my family plays the bagpipes, I play the electric violin, my dad lives in North Pole, Alaska, and can only reach his cabin by boat or snowmachine (yet it has a w/d, go figure!), I am the eldest of 5, and am closer in age to my mom than my youngest sister, my daughter will be in high school the same time as her aunt, I am a virgo, I think about doing something with my business for a bout 1 hour before emplementing a plan.

    Hey, what's up with all that weird information? Next time you read my post, and think "What the funky hell?", just remember I never had a chance to be normal. Who wants to be anyway though, right?

    I love reading about your little unknown interest, hobbies, and upbringings!

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