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    Let's talk about us!

    I would like to get to know a little about everyone here so I thought I'd start this thread. I thought making it a "survey" thing would be easier so....I'll start....

    Name: Terri
    Location: Arizona
    Age: 38
    Single, no kids
    Pets: dalmation, bassett, cocker spaniel, akita mix (all rescues!) 8 foster dogs, three cats (just recently lost my oldest cat to leukemia)

    I collect:
    seashells, birds, jewelry, especially vintage, vintage purses, keychains, Hello Kitty, cool pens, postcards, glittery things, coin purses, earrings, some angel things (no cherubs), crystal balls, witchy things.

    Floral work (decorating boxes and wreaths, things with flowers and glitter) is my favorite craft.

    I'd like to learn to crochet and knit.
    I love to cook.
    I do coupons and rebates.

    I love to make people laugh but I don't always do it purposely.
    I enjoy reading, mostly historical books and nonfiction.

    I enjoy "kid's" crafts like Shrinkydinks and Perler beads. So what if they're for kids, they're fun!
    I like crosswords.

    I'm always taking photographs of things. I always have a camera with me it seems.

    I like Victorian things and also folkart and primitives.
    I am a Jeff Buckley fan. I also like bluegrass and 70s classic rock and my new love is Sarah Brightman. Her "La Luna" and "Harem" relax me. If you want to try her, I can make you a copy.

    I'm an Aries, April 7th.
    I'm originally from California but I've lived in the desert here since 1975.
    I enjoy Dilbert and I'm a big, big fan of Bloom County comics.

    I might think of more later but now it's someone else's turn.


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    Re: Let's talk about us!

    Name: Katrin
    Location: Colorado
    Age: 39
    Married, no kids
    Pets: 3 cats
    - Fizzgig, 11, skinny orange & white tabby, love of my life
    - Blanche (Bianca), 6, big fat brown/black stripey, purriest cat ever
    - Lenore (Lenny), ~1, stripey calico who just keeps growing & growing

    I collect:
    Stuff that would otherwise get thrown away, most notably work-related packaging materials, which I always intend to use as craft supplies but often just ends up sitting around.

    Knitting is currently my favorite craft, but next week I might be back to designing purses. Whatever I'm doing, it's likely to involve recycled or salvaged materials.

    I'd like to learn to get my workspace (and the rest of my home) neat and organized.
    I love to stretch my imagination by thinking up new variations on craft projects.
    I sometimes make comics. I used to draw a web comic strip (written by a friend). I'm currently making slow progress on an autobiographical short story, and have just started writing a fictional story that may be a graphic novel someday.
    Lately, I enjoy watching TV shows that feature a lot of interpersonal conflict, because they give me perspective on my own life (knowing it happens everywhere, not just to me).
    I still love to do "kids'" crafts like Shrinky Dinks. I recently used Mod Podge for the first time in forever, and the smell took me right back to 1973. I feel sorry for people who never got to do crafts as kids, but sorrier for those who think they had to stop because they grew up.

    I always carry a blank book that serves as scrapbook, sketchbook and journal. I keep a glue stick handy to stick things in it. My current one was a gift from my sister, and I'm using it as an ongoing "letter" (with daily observations, craft ideas & instructions) that I'll give back to her when it's full.

    I like old houses, used clothing and anything that's vintage or secondhand. I think it comes from being the oldest - I never got hand-me-downs, but instead had to give up my treasured possessions to others. I'm not interested in antique "value" so much as an item's history, respecting our belongings and creations, because they'll outlast us.

    I'm just starting to get comfortable with admitting that my favorite kind of music is alt-country.

    I'm a Leo, August 15th.
    I was born in Illinois, raised in North Dakota, and have lived in Colorado since 1990.

    I stay up way too late when I have to work early in the morning. When I get home, I sleep the afternoon away.

    I appreciate that this survey asks nothing about our job titles or what we do for money, but rather what inspires us and who we are. I lose track of the distinction too often, and it's good to be reminded.

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    Yay! I love these kinds of things.

    Name: Alyssa
    Location: Chicagoland
    Age: 22
    Single, no kids
    Pets: 1 dog (at home), Molly. She's Buddhist. She goes by the name of the Molly Lama.

    I collect:
    CDs, buttons, photos, probably a lot of things I can't think of.

    I'm really only moderately crafty. I love making those cassette single notebooks. I like doing magazine-picture wallets, too. Also, I make a beast of a mix CD. I love cooking.

    If I could learn to not procrastinate, I'd be a much better person.

    I gave up eating meat really impulsively, and I've only eaten it once in the past eight months. That one time was when I was in Japan and I decided I could have a couple pieces of fish, because Japan is all about that, and then there was an Unfortunate Incident and my vegetarianism was reinforced.

    I want to learn to knit ridiculously badly, but I don't have the patience to learn.

    Traveling is probably my favorite thing ever. Fingers crossed that I get to go back to China and Japan this summer!

    There are 115 days until I graduate from college. I'm a political science major (international politics focus) and an English lit. minor. Right now I'm obsessed with Oscar Wilde. I'm re-obsessed with him, I should say. I love tying books and politics together. Right now I'm planning a paper on Oscar Wilde and the aesthetics of socialism.

    I journal like it's my job, online and in paper form.

    I am a huge slob. Right now my room is really disgusting.

    I'm a treehugger, but I don't really like the outdoors. I'm such a city girl.

    I'm a Scorpio, on the cusp of Sagittarius, 21 November.

    I grew up in Minnesota. I still live there when I'm on breaks from school. I hate the cold, but I really love the Midwest.

    The amount of karaoke I have done in my life is probably abnormal.

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    Far away
    M_____, 23, Sweden, single, childfree, petless (I want to get a dog in a couple of years' time, though. And as soon as I have a yard I want to have two hens), Aries, Rooster.

    Currently unemployed and bored. Possibly going to SE Asia soon, and then back to college to study museology. Dropped out of linguistics a couple of years ago. Have been to jewellery school, but haven't made any jewellery in a while...

    Addicted to knitting, photography, reading (mainly mysteries or any type of non-fiction, but I wish I could get more into more "difficult" literature, because I really used to like Samuel Beckett and Eva Figes), travelling and learning.

    I lived in a small, isolated village until I was 14. After that I've moved 8 times.

    Like Katrin, I like things with a history. I "rescue" monogrammed, hand woven dishtowels from the thrift store, because I can't stand to see how cheaply they are sold when I know how much work has gone into them.

    I like "grandma" type crafts, like weaving. Unfortunately I also believe that weaving will be the next "hip" craft after knitting, and I don't really like that.

    I want my own apartment so badly. Can't wait until September...

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    NSW, Australia
    The task daunted me, but I thought I'd have a go and see what came out...

    Lets see.

    Phillippa, 29, November 20 - Scorpio (although I don't really believe in the stars).

    I was born in Sydney, Australia and lived in its various parts until 3 years ago, when I moved an hour north for work.

    Married, no children (although actively trying and - it feels like - failing miserably). Pets: Luca, a three year old gay cockatiel (he's in love with my husband) and Puss Puss, who also sometimes goes by the names Pussolina or Pushinka, an ancient black and white cat who a few months ago followed my husband as he stumbled home from the pub.

    For most of my life I fretted that I had no hobbies then suddenly found when we bought our home that I had tonnes of them! I especially love to cook and grow edible things in the garden. I love to plan so I am especially happy when I am planning what I am going to cook and eat or grow in my garden. I don't particularly like DIY renovating but I love the results.

    I married a handyman and I sometimes have to tell him to put away his powertools and give the neighbours' ears a rest. I love him dearly.

    I've loved to read my whole life. I love movies too, and I think what I actually like is to be told a good story whatever the form.

    I'm desperate to travel to Europe but I don't want to have to fly to get there.

    I live near the beach and like everything about fossicking in rock pools - the cool air, cool water, colours, sounds and scent.

    I attempt to knit and sew and greatly enjoy applying Sublime Stitching patterns to my clothing. I began a drawing class tonight and felt so terrible about how hopeless I was I cried all the way home. :(

    I love getcrafty.

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    Re: Let's talk about us!

    Name: Brdgt
    Location: Madison, WI
    Age: 28
    Married, Childfree
    Pets: two cats

    I collect:
    Prints of historical tourism.

    Knitting, soap-making, candle-making, cross stitch, needlepoint, and whatever random projects I can think of.

    I enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, and young adult literature. My favorite author is Thomas Mann.

    I was a college disc jockey, so I am a music snob. I listen to indie rock and few "popular" bands. The only radio I listen to is Air America and NPR.

    On the other hand I watch way too much tv and know too much about popular culture.

    I'm from Vermont, went to school there and in Massachusetts, and I'm getting my PhD in the History of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin.

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    My name is Antonia, and I live in Iowa. I am 28, and getting married (to an amazing man, who loves my craftiness!!!) on May 28th....less than 4 months to go! I am originally from a little north of Milwaukee, and I miss Wisconsin. We have a 3 1/2 year old boxer named Titan, and he's the only baby for now! I love sitting in our backyard watching him run and play, he's so much fun.

    My main hobby is beading, and I love to make homade cards, seashell wreaths and mirrors, cross-stitch, and almost any other craft. I love to take pictures, and carry my camera everywhere. I have yet to learn to knit or crochet.

    A lot of my collecting is craft related, I love buying paper, stickers, ribbon, rubber stamps, and odds and ends. I also collect way to many seashells, and have to mail them home whenever I take a vacation by the sea! I love water, and even our wedding is having a beach's right by Lake Michigan, and it's like the ocean for me, since I gre up near there! I also collect these little resin birds made by Russ (sold at Hallmark and little fun stores), and they have long metal legs...they are so cute!

    I also love to read, just about anything. Most of my reading is done to unwind, so I like lighter books. I love music, and again, just about any types...from Lyle Lovett , REM, to Kelly Clarkson :) I enjoy watching TV, but always am crafting while I watch!

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    I love stuff like this....and I've so enjoyed reading about all of you!

    Name: Patty
    Location: Rochester, NY
    Age: 42 in years, about 18 in spirit
    Married to Cosmo, 2 kids - Scott, 12, and Lizzie, 9
    Pets: Beagle named Copper, Goldfish named Sammiel

    I don't officially collect any one thing, although I have a really cool collection of buttons, pins and badges that I acquired as a punky wannabe back in the late 70's and early 80's. I seem to acquire a lot of things like books, glassware (I love, love, love depression glass), small appliances (thanks to my hubby, who thinks if it's on sale I'll like it no matter what -- witness my cupboards full of toasters, juicers, various types of hand blenders, bread machines, crockpots, etc.), and craft supplies (I especially love paper and have been known to spend a ridiculous amount on a sheet of hand made paper just because it was so gorgeous; I also really, really like markers!).

    Right now, I'm totally immersed in beading. I do mostly seed bead off-loom weaving and make things like necklaces and bracelets. I'm hoping to find the time this year to learn how to make my own glass beads. I also knit, and have been making lots of bead-knitted projects lately. I've tried tons of diffeent crafts in the past, and have been having a grand time trying to incorporate some of those crafts into my beading. For instance, I recently made a funky pair of earrings using miniature pieces of kirigami. I've also lately been playing around with encaustic painting.

    Lots of readers here, and you can count me as one of 'em. I read to unwind, and tend to favor light mysteries and fantasy.

    My family and I spend a lot of time in Northern New York, and my dream is to live there year-round some day. The whole pace of life is different there.

    I am so glad I found's the best!

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    Realized there was way too much information here.

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    Re: Let's talk about us!

    Name: Caitlin
    Location: Ontario
    Age: 22
    Single, no kids
    Pets: None, unless I consider my roommates and the amount I clean up after them.

    Collections: vintage suit jackets and purses, shoes magnets and dust.

    I love to knit and sew. I would like to learn to crochet and screen print.

    I read a lot. A lot. My favourite writers are Margaret Atwood, Douglas Coupland and Leonard Cohen. I have a soft-spot for Can-lit. I read the Saturday Globe and Mail religiously.

    Music is my life. Some of my favourite artists are Wilco, Neko Case, Emmylou Harris/Gram Parsons and Loretta Lynn. I <3 country and western. I don't limit my listening to this genre though. I just happen to love it the most.

    I'm a Scorpio, born October 31st.

    I am originally from Alberta, but I've lived in Toronto for the past 2 years. I love this city.

    I spend a lot of money on sushi.

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