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    One minute and the next (sad)

    Tonight I had occasion to be up at the emergency room with my mom. We were there for three hours. I watched this family come in. They had someone who had been admitted to emergency. On the way out, we passed them outside. they were huddled together sobbing. If you've heard the death sob you'll know what I mean. It was terrible. I knew instantly their loved one had died. I felt so bad for them because up until then, they were going about their daily lives and then in an instant their lives changed. I felt bad for myself too because one day that will happen to me and I will feel a loneliness I don't yet know of. I even said a prayer for these people. I mean to say I felt *bad.*
    Ok, that's all. I just wanted to get that out. If you have a loved one, why not go hug them right now or as soon as you can? Life is short.


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    Thanks for sharing that. I wish that feeling of not-taking-life/loved ones-for-granted was something that you could cling to everyday - and not just feel when you have a tradegy or a scare, or such as what you experienced. This is something I struggle with. Because I have SO MUCH to be thankful for (namely a loving husband and two great, healthy kids - that were no problem to conceive) and yet so often I let little things get to me.............


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