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    hair dye how-to?

    I've been entertaining the idea of dying a very small portion of my hair an unnatural color (like red or pink). By very small portion I mean no more than an inch in diameter, and probably somewhere hidden near my neck or behind my ear. My natural hair color is dark brown with reddish undertones, so I realize dying it may take some work. I'm not averse to bleaching since it's such a small portion of hair, but I don't know how to bleach or what I should expect. Can anyone give me some suggestions or a tutorial of sorts? Also, what types of dye are good ones to use?


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    Hair bleach comes in two parts: the powder bleach itself, and developer. The strength of the developer determines how much color gets taken out. If you want to go very light (which you will, to prepare for the "replacement" color), you'll probably want to use the strongest developer, like #40.

    I recommend getting your bleach and dye at a beauty-supply store like Sally. Their prices are much lower than a drugstore or salon, and probably a wider selection too. You can buy each supply separately instead of being stuck with a pre-packaged kit, and you'll probably end up with lots left over for future dye jobs or touchups.

    To bleach, you just mix the powder bleach with the liquid developer and apply it. If you're doing a small section of hair, an old toothbrush works well as an applicator. Just make sure to hold the bleached section away from the rest of your hair. I've never done it that way before (always bleached my whole head), but plastic wrap would probably work to protect it.

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    if you're going to bleach it out first... sall beauty is a good source for materials
    make sure to get a 40 volume peroxide (developer) and a "blue" based bleach powder... it helps pull the color out better
    plastic wrap is good for preventing damage, it helps keep the bleach from drying it out too much
    if you use a blow dryer (with the plastic wrap on) it speeds up the bleaching process
    20-30 minutes should be more than sufficient, more than that will kill your hair ((it will end up feeling like cotton candy and you will have to cut it out))

    as for the color, two good companies are manic panic and punky colours
    make sure to use gloves!!! and vaseline on the hairline, so you don't end up with a pink or red neck
    wrap it in tin foil, it will help protect the rest of your hair... and heat (ie blow dryer) helps set the color in
    the longer you leave the dye in, the richer the result
    it will start to fade after a week or so, so touch ups are essential
    oh, and when your rinse the sye out be careful of shower curtains! it will dye them. and if you get it in the tub or sink, try to scrub them asap ((my mom almost killed me when i was 14 and dyed the tub and shower curtians along with my hair a bright hue of fire engine red))
    anyway... i've done about everything imaginable to my hair, so if you need more in depth details or have any questions, feel free to pm me :)
    i think you'll be ok with the info posted by katrin and myself

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    I did that! And my hair sounds just like yours, only a little darker.

    Manic Panic makes a bleach (sold by Sally's), it comes in a little black? tub, it's called Flash Lightning or something like that (it's been a while since I bought it), that's all I used for the bleach, and it worked fine. You just have to make sure you follow directions and don't leave it on too long, since you're using colored dye over it, a little orange is okay (IMO). I left it on a little too long once and all the hair I bleached broke. It was nasty.

    The stripe I bleach is on the top of my head, near the front, so I'm not sure if this would work for you, but I'd take a shower cap (they sell them at Sally's or dollar stores), and poke a smallish hole and pull the hair I wanted to bleach through it. Then I'd bleach. Then I'd wash, let it dry, and maybe rest one day. (If you do the bright color right after washing the bleach out, it won't be strong enough. That sounds really obvious, but I didn't know, and it turned out craptacular.)

    I love Manic Panic's color selection. For the Manic Panic color, I'd just put the hair I wanted to dye in a ponytail (again, it was on the top, so YMMV), and use gloves and saturate it with the Manic Panic (following directions on the tub of color -- I can't remember if your hair's supposed to be wet or not). I left it on longer than recommended because my hair doesn't hold color well, and didn't worry about protecting the rest of my hair because it's so dark the Manic Panic wouldn't show up anyway.

    (That's probly too much info with all the other helpful stuff posted on this thread, but I couldn't resist. It's so fun, I loved having a red or purple stripe in my hair. Ach, now I want to do it next paycheck.)

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    Thanks for all the helpful tips! I really like the shower cap idea, moon_lemming. Now I'm really excited... only a few more days until my work is done and then I can go to Sally's...


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