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Thread: Pot or not?

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    pot or not

    Legalize. At least let people grow their own. My only reservation about pot is that it definitely interferes with learning something new, and therefore seems it would be detrimental to kids during the school week (hey, I mean older kids here!).

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    It is interesting to read this discussion as time passed and things changed. Cannabis is legal in several countries today. Also it is proved to be beneficial for people who suffer from awful diseases like cancer, glaucoma, dystonia, etc. A lot of people smoke pot or use cbd oil to reduce pain, stress or anxiety, and cannabis is officially prescribed by their doctors. It has to be noted, hemp oil is also used as a supplement, and there is a difference hemp oil vs cbd oil. Anyway, I'm glad that people found out the pros of marijuana, but I'm still against using it for fun.

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