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    Apr 2004
    niagara, ontario, canada

    what (or who) do you love? (aka good things)

    this thread will be the antithesis of my "i'm in a funk" thread. ever the optimist, i've decided to write down the things that i currently love:

    - avocados
    - alice munro
    - Before Sunset
    - livejournal (addiction if i ever had one)
    - lemon green tea
    - hot showers and baths
    - LUSH honey soap
    - my cats (i miss them, but get to see them when i visit my parents this weekend)
    - COFFEE (capitalized to emphasize my extreme love)
    - getting fun mail
    - BUST magazine
    - homemade paper

    i could go on, but i'll let you have a go...

    roxy the list-maker

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    Jan 2005
    -My cats Mr. Manly Man, and Kiara.
    -Blackberry Sage tea, and Tazo Calm tea.
    -The new Ani DiFranco CD, Knuckledown.
    -Being able to sleep til whenever I want.

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    Dec 2004
    -the smell of popcorn
    -sonic youth
    -my kiddies
    -my husband
    -my brand new bed/mattress
    -spearmint chewing gum
    -pink things
    -ER (which is on tonight, rock the f on)
    -the big fat f word
    -in all of it's contexts
    -my live journal community
    -cute sweet things
    -being dirty
    -and by that i mean, i absolutely love it that i didn't shower last night
    -just kidding
    -my new PINK SWEET pea lotion
    -getting lotion as a gift
    -making lists
    -must. stop. now

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    Dec 2004
    In hot rotation at Chez Bessie......

    - Arrogant Bastard( my honey)
    - MonkeyBoys
    - Eric the Grimm
    - The Girls....dopey Labradors
    - White Pear Tea
    - periwinkle
    - black
    - jasmine bamboo candles
    - my new Magnetic Poetry calendar
    - felting old sweaters for beaded purses
    - The Libertines...sad:(
    - The Dictionary of Failed Relationships
    - warm clean laundry
    - Harry's harmonica playing
    - "Readymade"
    - shrimp tacos
    - orange vodka
    - having both keylime and Frenchsilk pies in fridge and not tasting a morsel!
    - having my fav CK's hanging on my hips
    - finishing up a UFO
    - clean sheets
    - lavendar soap

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    Jan 2005
    Ferndale is a cowtown!
    -mr. sandwich
    -my birthday! (today!)
    -Earl Grey
    -beads, beautiful beads
    -cutting and gluing paper
    -PG Wodehouse
    -thrift stores
    -willie nelson jr., a good dog for people who love bad dogs
    -cooking and baking
    -finding pants that are short enough so I don't have to hem them
    -my fantastic friends (out of high school 15 years [yikes], and still solid)
    -maybe I should stop now?

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    May 2004
    northeast iowa/portland, or/BROOKLYN, Baby!
    Quote Originally Posted by cannibalsandwich
    -my birthday! (today!)
    Happy Birthday!

    *my gatos
    *sunrises & sunsets
    *vintage fabrics
    *the first spring flowers
    *coloured pencils
    *dying my hair
    *pink cupcakes
    *hearing music for the first time
    *the world
    *getting good mail
    *big fat art books
    *big black stomping boots
    *sleeping in

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    Feb 2005
    - Coca Cola in glass bottles
    - Grapefruit
    - Sheepette (new stuffed sheep I hug when I sleep)
    - Extreme Makeover - Home Edition
    - Ty & Paul on EMHE
    - Getting knitting books in mail
    - Hem
    - 10 days vacation coming in 14 days
    - Candy (ALL varieties)
    - BUST
    - Snow outside my window
    - Paint
    - Sparkly fingernails
    - Coffee
    - Creme brulee scented lotion & perfume

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    Oct 2004
    peanut butter
    waking up to find my 18-pound cat snoring loudly, next to me, while flat on her back with her little paws all curled and little nose warm
    almost everything about my boyfriend, from his sweet smile to his annoying guitar playing!
    the amazing race and other travel-geek shows, like globe trekker and rick steves
    going to the met and the natural history museum to draw
    shopping for the latest thing i'm obsessed with (last week it was gold ballet flats, this week its trousers and beads)
    almost all kinds of cakey sweets - going to the magnolia right when the new cupcakes get put out!
    being proud of artwork i've created (rare these days)
    cooking or baking something amazing that everyone loves and wants me to make again, like my famous chili pie
    when my brother, all the way in the bay area of california, calls me just to say hi
    my new haircut:
    pay day (also a rare occurance)
    the garment district in cambridge and all of its amazing vintage dresses - i long for my visits every few months!
    the first flip-flop-wearing day of spring
    the week every month when my favorite magazines come out

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    Feb 2005
    Fort Collins, CO
    I love:

    .. The colors turquoise and red
    .. Writing messages, notes, and quotes on the 2 x 2 piece of thin wood I covered with chalkboard paint
    .. Oranges
    .. Zack Braff
    .. Hearts
    .. Runner's high
    .. Sprucing up my morning coffee with liquid creamer, turning boring office coffee into a delicious beverage
    .. Knitting
    .. Wearing scarves whether it's 30 or 60 degrees outside

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    Apr 2004
    -new laptop and printer
    -new university year
    -finding someone to have a crush on
    -it should soon be cooling off for winter
    -M*A*S*H dvds
    -tartare sauce

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