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    reallay stupid and shopping

    i love it how people stick coupons they dont need right on top of the product, so if someone else wants to buy it they can use the coupon. know what i mean?

    i also like how there are those people that go up and down the aisles with you . . . who started at the same time as you so you see them in every aisle. its like your friends for an hour

    i dont know, i just went grocery shopping today and thought of this :]

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    I love it when something is on sale for a "can't-believe-my-eyes" price.

    I also like seeing the little kids in the shopping carts with the plastic kiddie "cars" on front- seeing them get to drive through the store brings back memories of when I was little (except we didn't have the cool car thing- just rode under the tall carts which is probably so illegal these days)!

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    I'm a coupon leaver. If I decide on another product or don't like the price, I'll leave my coupons for another bargain shopper.

    I like the cars in the front of the buggies. I don't like the miniature buggies that say "future fill-in-the-store shopper" because my little devil will insist on getting one and then tear around the store until it is full and want to leave it in the aisle because she's finished.


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