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    Jeeze, why would you even want to go?

    I'm saying this as a person who spent a few years sailing in the sea of cortez, with a dog, a husband and 2 fishing poles.

    I'm not sure where in Mexico your bf is planning to fish but I imagine it's Cabo (or Ensenada. maybe San Fillipe?). Fishing is okay and all but Mexico is usually HOT in May and sitting around in the sun, smelling fish guts, watching others fish, isn't very fun. It's even less fun for a dog that isn't used to being on a boat.

    Not to mention, traveling in Baja/mainland Mex can be stressful with a dog. I've taken my dog back and forth, by boat and car, 6 or 7 times but it was always tense for all of us. I constantly worried about my pup picking something up or somehow getting hurt. And, in Mex, sometimes they put out poisoned meat to kill the strays (I'm still pissed at the city of La Paz for killing my favorite street dogs).

    JT, you are not a party pooper! Stay home, relax with your pup, let the bf get sunburned and seasick. Besides, those guys should only do catch and release anyway. There are fewer fish every year and it's really sad.

    hmm...maybe I should wear the party pooper hat?

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    thanks for the input everyone, i ended up going on the boat this weekend to help prepare it for next weekend's trip, he needed gas and water and we ended up doing a little fishing and having the dog come and things seemed ok, they also decided not to go to mexico, so I think if I buy some of those wee wee pads for grommet, perhaps she'll smell them and decide to use the 'poop deck' and we'll be ok sailing as it will not be an international fishing trip. It was sure funny to see grommet get into the canoe that b/f's friend uses to get from the dock to his boat :)


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    sun bear you sound like a candidate for sainthood! Hope you have fun on yr trip!

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