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    Sewing Machine

    I am having a baby in August and want to make my own bedding and such. I have heard there are sewing machines that can be used with the aid of a computer. (I'm afraid my sewing skillset lacks expertice!) Does anyone use one of these, or do you recommend a certain type? Thank you!

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    Well, I don't know about one that hooks up to your computer, but I have seen sewing machines that ARE part of it's own little computer. Pfaff makes a good one. It is titled something along the lines of "quilting experience *insert buncha numbers here*" I think. But they require lots of shiny pennies.

    I'm a Pfaff lady. I have a Hobby 1042 and plan on making a lot of my baby stuff with this. It has everything I need plus a few little decorative stitches (if I can ever adjust the knobs right). I don't think you need a fancy computerized machine unless you want to do some serious embellishing and embroidering.

    good luck!

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    Thanks. Yeah, I'm not looking for "fancy", simple maybe.

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    Re: Sewing machine

    Generally speaking, the sewing machines that work with a computer are for machine embroidery. It sounds to me that you know nothing of sewing. If so, my advice is to take a sewing class or find a friend who will teach you. Kenmore and Brother make good basic machines. I've sewn on Kenmores for years and just got a high end Brother for machine quilting. Pfaff, Viking, and Bernina are great machines but pricey. Better to start small and grow since you are new to it. Don't go investing a lot of money until you know you love sewing. Personally, I don't know how anyone doesn't. I've been sewing since I was 12 and love it. You can make curtains, clothes (people and doll), book covers. Dang near anything.

    Here's a simple 1st sewing project. I make "blankies" from fleece and cotton. Get about a yard and a half of fleece. Since it's 54-60" wide you'll need twice that of 45" fabric unless you can find 60" wide cotton. If 45" cut the length in half and then cut one side in half lengthwise. Sew each side to the whole piece to make the yard and a half really wide. Lay the fleece and cotton with right sides together with the fleece in the center. Cut off the excess on either side. Then stitch a wide (3/4 to 1") seam allowance all around except for about 12" on one end for turning. Turn it inside out and straighten out the corners. Then topstitch all around about 3/8 or 1/2" from the edge. Then fold in thirds to mark and then topstitch straight across from side to side for the minimal quilting. Voila! Very nice for naps and tv watching. Babies too.

    Good luck.


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