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    Dancers? Teaching abroad???

    Since the two things I want to do most with my life at the moment are dancing and travelling, I'm trying to formulate a feasible plan to combine these.

    I've been dancing (contemporary, little bit of jazz, and pilates) for 12 years, but more intensively for the last 2, although I have no training in teaching. I'm considering a Pilates teacher course, as it is relatively cheap, easy to fit around work and gives a proper qualification.

    Anyway, my idea is either to try and find a project that goes abroad and teaches disadvantaged kids dance for free (one of my old dance teachers did this in Ethiopia, but I can't remember any of the details and don't have her contact details). Or, to travel, and in a couple of places where I settle for a couple of months, run beginners dance courses, as well as training and somehow providing another source of income.

    at the moment it all seems completely pie in the sky - I haven't found any useful information yet - so if any of you have any ideas at all as to how I could do something like this please please let me know.

    thank you*

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    little my- you sound just like me! i've been dancing for about 18 years as well and was considering teaching but didn't have the proper qualifications. in searching for a way around that i found a wonderful pilates teacher training course in my area which i have been involved with for the past 3 months. it's an intense program but i will be certified in about a year and moving onto a new career in teaching pilates!

    the good thing about teaching pilates is that it's about to be nationally recognized, which means more jobs and it will be taken more seriously as rehabilitation. this might give you an opportunity to travel abroad to different countries while having a wonderful certification under your belt. many of the dance teachers i know are doing the certification as well to supplement their income. pilates seems more like a well-rounded career option for me and will give me the comfort i need to know i will survive financially. if you have any questions you can pm me if you want.

    i don't know of anyone that has teached dance abroad but i do know it always helps to have some kind of certification under your belt to get your foot in the door.

    not sure if i hit the nail on the head with this one but good luck and go for it!!!!

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    Good news: Qualifications optional! I teach beginner tap at a studio in Anchorage, and not one of us has any official dance teacher certification. My boss does ahve a physical ed degree, one chick studied at the Royal Academy of Ballet, and the other is a somewhat world reknown brazilian dance teacher. I have just danced my whole life and happen to know what I'm talking about, and that is the case with the rest of us. Pilates does require certification though, as you already know.

    I would suggest getting on with a studio near you first, and then pick their brains and contacts for information. I'll ask my boss if she is aware of any programs. But short of joining the Peace Corps (and I am not sure if they think of dance instruction as part of their agenda), I don't have any further useful info, but I will certainly help you dig around!


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    thanks katieod and jennjitsu!

    think I will definitely look into pilates teaching certification - hopefully will be good training and a good way in. and then I guess it is just a case of asking people and being pro-active about it all. cool to know that you don't *need* any particular qualifications just to teach a class.

    good luck with your course k!

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    I know its not dancing, but the latest issue of Bust (the one with Amy Sedaris on the cover) has an article on teaching english abroad, you might want to check it out.


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