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    im a teacher, and i see incidents like this pretty frequently. ive seen kids lose it because they are "tired of being the parents". the truth is, most kids EXPECT discipline at home, and when they dont get it, they crumble.

    i think it depends how much you want to be involved. technically your sister is underaged... if youre SERIOUSLY concerned you could call the police or social services. or you could enroll her in the school system near you (which is not as hard as it sounds.)

    it sounds like your sister needs some serious stability and good guidance. you could provide that if you are willing and able.

    hope i wasnt too repetitive.
    -- eli.xoxo

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    okay, anne. im going to reply some more.

    i dont understand how you arent TOTALLY freaking out over this stuff. what your sister is doing is extremely dangerous. technically speaking, if i heard a rumor like this in school, i would be REQUIRED to tell the guidance office... who would then be REQUIRED to call social services.

    im sure its helpful to call your sister on her cell phone in the evenings, but thats not going to save her. she needs an adult PRESENT in her life that will make an impact. it sounds crazy, but so many kids act out because they are in desparate need of attention. all they want is for someone to pull them back and say, "i care. youre way of line. let me help you find a way to control this."

    sorry... ill butt out now.

    -- eli.xoxox

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    I can understand your hesitancy to involve the authorities but consider this-if your sister stays in that house and continues to act out she could get raped and/or get STDs.

    If she found a condom inside her that means the semen probably got inside her vagina. You do not want her getting pregnant at this age. Or worse, getting HIV.

    Hate to sound like the bringer of doom, but this could literally turn into an issue of life or death.

    As for your younger sister-you can't be there all the time to make sure the uncle isn't. He could come for a surprise visit. There is a pattern of abuse in this man. Personally, I say you and your sister bring charges against him. If he abused you two, he may have abused others or may abuse other family members or other people in the future.

    I think both sisters need to get out of the house. But no, you can't be their mom. If they're in foster care I believe you will still be able to visit them.

    eta: sending hugs your way, hang in there!

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