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    portland oregon!!!

    I could totally make that

    Frequently when i see somethin' mass produced and sold for a mad amount of money, i get kinda teary-eyed.

    even if it's on <a href=">Digital Gravel</a> which i really tend to like. That's a scarf that any of us could probobly make with the quickness. I imagine the material retail would cost less than that.

    Maybe I should be happy that you can buy crochet items like these hats at major places. i guess i am. You can buy art from major places, why not craft?

    Plus, I guess I do get kinda happy, when scrolling past shirt after shirt with screenprinting (which i can't/don't do yet), i see something that i could do myself.

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    in order for me to buy clothing it has to pass this test:

    Does it fit - my body and my life?
    Is it on sale/ worth the money?
    Is it made by a craftsperson or a company?
    Can I make it?
    *Will* I make something like it?

    This test keeps me from buying very much. It's so easy to convince myself that I *could* (in some fictional world where I have the time and resources) make whatever I'm oogling. On the other hand, I'm more likely to buy something that's a little pricey if it fits and I know how much effort and love it was given by another individual.

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    Being able to me something yourself is such a good feeling


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