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    Apr 2004
    niagara, ontario, canada

    Good Things (I've never started one of these before)

    Good morning!
    To start off this day right, I thought it would be fitting to initiate the very first "good things" thread on these here boards.

    Good things, or "things that are not bad":
    - just ate some muesli and am feeling particularly healthy
    - live journal (am a self-admitted addict)
    - going to visit the boy this weekend
    - the apprentice season finale tonight!
    - sunny day out
    - only one assignment left before i graduate

    and you?

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    Thanks for starting this Roxy!

    Here's mine:

    *I actually feel awake
    *I'm on helpdesk phones this morning and it's been nice and slooooow
    *I'm teaching a fun class tomorrow about preventing spam
    *It's almost the weekend!
    *I found some good free magazines at the library

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    location location
    - seeing melissa auf der maur the other night in a lovely small venue (she rocks and i want to be her)
    - the weather is perfect - sunny yet cool
    - my secondment is lots of fun
    - i have a new comfy bed finally
    - my boyfriend and i had a lovely romantic meal involving lots of wine, cheese and mussels at the weekend

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    Apr 2004
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    1. Sun
    2. Two cats hanging out in my bedroom window because I opened it for some fresh air
    3. Good coffee
    4. The new boards are a pretty good thing (though I don't particularly like the colors on Supernaturale)
    5. Milk of magnesia soaks up the oil in my skin like nobody's business

    And, well, SUNSHINE!

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    danimals yogurt drinks, their only two faults are that they are too small and that they are shaped so you can't get the last bit of yogurt out.

    I got a happy meal last night with a cute little beagle in it and it was only 1.51, I felt like it was 1987 or something :)

    My doggie isn't so afraid of the clicker anymore, i.e. progress in her training :)


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    -finally got around to closing my bank account so I won't get another $5 service charge
    -found the new Patricia Cornwell book on CD at the library
    -The is a chance I'll still be able to get into my summer classes
    -finished up 2 scarves yesterday
    -the weather is sunny and the perfect temperature

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    San Francisco
    i've actually never participated in one of these threads before, but here goes:

    -the clerk at the fancy stationery store yesterday let me in after closing to pick up my new, super luxurious personalized stationery. it looks fabulous, and i feel like i have something i've been waiting my whole life for.

    -i then stopped at the goodwill store, and bought a photo album. something i've been needing for about three years and could never bring myself to buy because they're too expensive.

    -this weekend, i'm going on a field trip with kids from the children's center i volunteer at. we're taking them to the bay area kids museum!

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    Apr 2004
    I got to use my manicure/pedicure gift certificate today (that I've had since x-mas)

    The lady who giving me the manicure/pedicure asked if I was 18 (I'm 27)

    I get to see my mom's new puppy this afternoon.

    I'm going to make chicken enchiladas for me and the hub tonight (my favorite)

    The hub and I are seeing Bowie on Saturday!

    The kitchen is clean, and my laundry is done.

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    1. I got my prom dress in the mail, and it fits PERFECTLY (okay, so it hikes my bust up to something old movie star-esque, but that's not a bad thing)

    2. I had an awesome vegetable sandwich for dinner.

    3. I lost a pound since yesterday, even though I had some red velvet cake.

    4. And today is about a hundred million times better than yesterday.

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    * It's really warm out, and I think the nice weather is going to stick around for a few days this time.

    * I got an A- in a class I wasn't too sure about.

    * I'm so with you, Roxy, on the LJ. I just started mine. I'm in love, it's so much better than my other, non-LJ blog.

    * I sense that it'll be a good weekend. If not, at least it's still a weekend.[/url]

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