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Thread: DIY wedding ideas?

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    wedding crafts

    After seeing a good friend nearly go crazy from all her wedding crafts, my solution was basically to have less stuff at my wedding. No favors, no programs...

    We made our invites with paper from and QuarkXpress and got them printed for free by a friend at a local copy shop. Our wedding was in October, in NH, and a friend of mine came up with the idea for center pieces. We did big plates (cheap ones from Pier 1) with a white candle (Christmas Tree Shop) in a hurricane shade ( in the middle, surrounded by apples. It was purty. Of course, everyone took home the plates, and my mom currently has 10 hurricane shades and no use for them! I should really take those off her hands...

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    Well, I got married in Denmark, civil wedding, no frills.
    But I had PLANNED this awesome DIY wedding.
    First, the best planner I found was the Anti-Bride Guide.
    You can get it on
    Pick up all the marthastewart-like wedding magazines at the bookstore, they have some cool ideas.

    I had a notebook of really neat reception ideas.
    if you want to talk about it more, you could email me at

    I'm full of wedding ideas.
    What with my own reception coming up and my best friend getting married soon, I'm in full gear for planning!


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    When is your wedding? If it is in the Fall, I have a page dedicated to ideas for fall weddings.

    Also visit
    type "get" for the user and "crafty" for the password to access the .pdfs I have. Summer ideas and general wedding ideas are included, as well as a music list (see below for more help). I also included my reception planner as far as music is concerned. Feel free to use it!

    Some ideas for doing your own music


    Cheapest Option - A large boombox or good home stereo hidden under the linen covered cake table. Nobody will see it and will sound good. Appoint someone to be in charge of changing CDs.

    Some money needed - Rent a small PA system from your local music store. You could even use a karaoke rental system (whether or not you want to do karaoke -- the CDG player still plays CDs!) Hook up your walkman CD player, iPod, or laptop to the mixer.

    I vote for iPod!!!!!! Borrow one from a friend if you don't have one. Or justify buying one instead of paying for a DJ because you can keep it afterwards! LOL You can do playlists for certain parts of your wedding: cocktail, dinner, special dances, and open dancing. Again, put someone responsible in charge of the PA system with the iPod.

    • Music

    You know what you like to dance to. However, if you are not a dancer OR you know your taste in music is totally different than your friends and family, be sure to get input from those who will be celebrating with you. You want them to enjoy themselves and STAY.

    Sample playlists from recent weddings:

    I'm actually breaking away from weddings to do improv (need my weekends) and more art/craft shows, but I still enjoy helping brides (For free!). I never was big on pushing the $20,000+++ wedding like many of my wedding industry peers do.

    If you need more help, email me! :)

    Have fun!!!

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    I am not married and so unable share my views on this topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Silkflower
    I am not married and so unable share my views on this topic.
    So why bother posting at all? Weird.

    It's too bad it doesn't look like the original poster is still around, I'd love to know how it turned out!

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    wow--it seems like just yesterday that i got married. but it's been almost three years!!

    i printed all of our invitations and programs myself--the have kits at wal-mart, target, michael's. target's were the cheapest.

    i'm an aspiring children's author, so as a wedding favor i wrote "our story" and had a friend who is a graphic designer illustrate it. sent it to a print shop and had a bazillion copies of it made.

    i made hand beaded jewelry for all of my bridesmaids.

    and it just dawned on me that this is totally an old thread. i swear i'm losing my mind!!

    oh well. maybe somebody else will get something outta this.

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    At first CONGRATULATIONS!!! Me and my husband had exactly the same! We got married 2 years ago and it was a DIY wedding! It was wonderfull and extra special because my husband, me and our loved ones did everything ourselves for our weddingday. It was a big succes!

    1. I've designed and made my own wedding dress

    2. My mother did my bouquet and all the other florals.

    3. my sister baked the weddingcake.

    4. I designed our invitations.

    5. I've made all the table cloths and the runners myself. (from cheap cottons of the market)

    6. Our friend was the DJ that night

    7. Our location was the garden of my husband his bestfriends parents

    8. We shopped all the drinks wines beers etc. and snacks ourselves

    9. We,ve made a big campfire.

    10. the car we were driving was a ford mustang from 1965, it was of a good friend of ours.

    11. Another friend is a proffesional photographer and did our wedding pics.

    12. I did my own make up. (with my best friends)

    13. during the day we played music from cd's we had arranged ourselves in advance.

    14. the thank you gift was a cd (we burned ourselves) with 4 of our special love songs with a polaroid picture of our shoes (kick back and relax)

    The most we invested in was a beautiful tent, with a wooden floor and the benches and tables. and the professional catering.

    The funny thing is that we've got two weddings coming up this summer and they are exact copies of our wedding. So that must be the evidence that a DIY wedding is a secret to big success. The are a success because people feel that it is personal and everything is done with love.

    Good luck! And don't be affraid to ask for help because i've experienced that most people are honoured to help you with their special talent.

    i wish you

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    Congrats! I am getting married in September and our wedding is very DIY.

    -I designed my own dress, but hired someone to make it. I am making a shawl to wear and all my own jewelry.
    -We are getting married at our house. My fiance is building a deck, but we had planned on doing that anyway.
    -My family is very musical, so everyone is preparing a song or two to play at the wedding and the rest of the time we'll be playing cds that we've put together.
    -My fiance's father owns a flower shop, so he'll be doing all the arrangements.
    -We're shopping for all our own food and setting it up buffet style.
    -We designed our save-the-date cards and invitations and had them printed.
    -All us girls will be doing our own makeup and hair. We did this at my sister and brother's weddings as well and it worked out great.

    I'm loving it because I feel like this wedding really represents us. Good luck!

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    Crafting a fall favor

    I saw this unique idea while searching for some fall favors. You can check out:

    Hope this helps.

    Ella C.

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    I just celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary last week and had a DIY wedding myself.
    My favorite and best suggestions:

    *I hand made the invitations using a post card I really liked and took advantage of the copy machine at work. I paid $5 for envelopes and around $30 in stamps.

    *The party favors were Pez dispencers I bought in cheap lots off of ebay. Everyone loved it and had lots of fun playing with them.

    *If you're not going to have a professional photographer or a friend take pictures, I highly recommend placing a cheap disposable camera on each guest table. We did save up to have a pro (who totally disappointed us) and all our best photos were taken by our family and friends with the cheap cameras. We did a mix of half color and half black and white cameras and I think it was the best decision overall we made.

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