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    Search Engines

    I've been reading up on search engine optimization and how to move your website listing to the top. Has anyone optimized their website for the search engines?If so how long did it take to make a difference?

    Key Points:
    It's important to title each page of your website using the keyword of the product on that page. This is the word or group of words that people are likely to type into Google or Yahoo to find what you are selling.

    Use your keywords often in the text on your pages, but don't over-do it because you could get penalized for it by the search engines.

    Submit your site to search engines for free. If you go to the search engine homepage, there is usually a link that says submit a site.

    We're finding that Yahoo likes us better than Google when we search for ourselves. I think it's harder to get into Google, and Google is the top search engine. It may take months to be listed for a keyword in Google.

    There's alot more to optimizing a website than listed here, and I'm still researching it. Does anyone have any tips they could add?

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    I can't help you, but you may want to check out the show and it's website The Screen Savers. It's a nightly show on g4techtv and I know they have had calls in the past about optimizing for search engines and they told the caller they would post more info on the site. It's a great show, and not just because my tv boyfriend is on it ;)

    *ETA* I found this thread about the topic on their boards.


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