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Thread: mailing cookies

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    mailing cookies

    if i mail cookies in a tin do you think theyll crumble to pieces? it from new jersey to florida.

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    I think it definitely depends on how you package them...Maybe you could put tissue paper or something like that in the tin to make sure the cookies are packed down tight (but not too tight! :P) so they don't slide around? I think the main reasons cookies crumble when shipped is because they get jostled around so much and hit each other and the tin and whatnot.

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    I have a "How to keep cookies fresher- longer" tip.

    If you stick about half a slice of white bread in the tin with the cookie, they stay really fresh. I don't know the science as to why, but the cookies stay fresh, while the bread dries out. It really works. I did it with my Christmas cookies, with great results.

    ya know - I'd try a box that is barley bigger then the tin, and stuff all around the tin with newspaper so it doesn't move, and make sure the tin is either really full with cookies, or has paper towels to pad the cookies so they don't move either.

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    The type of cookies you send can matter, too. Drop cookies like chocolate chip and peanut butter hold up better during shipping than cut-outs or butter cookies. I always pack the tin as tight as possible and then stick some small baggies of m & m's or skittles in between so the cookies don't move and the person getting the cookies gets an extra little treat. Then I pack the tin in a bigger box surrounded by crumpled up or shredded paper.

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    I've never shipped cookies in a tin, but I have shipped them in boxes a couple times...I take a stack of four cookies, wrap them in plastic wrap, then put that in a plastic baggie. I put bubble wrap (or plastic bags...didn't have bubble wrap this last time) on the inside of the box, then pack all the cookie stacks in nice and tight so they can't shift around (with tissue paper or bubble wrap in between) and then put something to cushion the top of the box (bubble wrap, tissue paper)

    It doesn't look fancy, but it'll get chocolate chip cookies there in one piece


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