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    Almost as cool as my Green Day tix.....

    The last 9mo or so, my local Big City newspaper has published a series of articles on the Flight of the Young & Talented from our region. In the late 1970's and til the mid 80's, Akron was an incubator of talent and pop culture. In bits and spurts, we have since launched precious few others to Pop Culture and waved as more potential has relocated elsewhere.

    So, about 10 days ago, the paper runs a front page bit on Chamber of Commerce making an all out effort to entice and retain young, hip, talented, educated Gen-Xer's. Some of the comments were ok, but a few just really rankled me with parochial views.

    Send a few emails back and forth with the Home Town Hipster Columnist re: this situation.

    Turns out he's going to be citing me, spouse, and my em's in his column tomorrow, as examples of "young, talented, educated, Gen-Xer's who have opted to stay." How cool is that? I know it's not HGTV, but still better than nothing!

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    That's very cool!

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    Hipster Columnist cribbed my letters and ideas for his column. I got a very wierdly worded acknowlegement in the final paragraph. I have all the datestamped em's in a folder, so no question who essentially wrote the column. GRRRRRRRRR!

    Yet, I think this will work out well for future need for artsy press. "Hey, David! Wanna see what the Hip and Trendy are CREATING?? If you feature my craftiness, I'll write you another column."

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    i know this has nothing to do with your actual topic but i just have to say that i'm amazed that green day has been such a success - used to see them for two bucks back in berkeley back in the day. and my old boyfriend's band, "drippy drawers," used to play with them..... and i know WHY they're called green day.....

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