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Thread: happy easter!

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    happy easter!

    i'm not actually christian, but i like easter a lot, due to the traditions that were borrowed from religions i feel more affinity to. (is anyone pagan/wiccan here? maybe i should save that for another post)

    we dyed eggs and took photos for my faery tale story book that i'm going to be doing online, which was a lot of fun. i wish i could've done more though! like a seed planting soiree or a tea party!! is anyone doing anything cute/fun for easter?

    also, this is really adorable if you haven't seen it already:

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    thanks, and happy easter to you.

    i made a special late lunch/early dinner for friends. i usually give out a lot of candy but it was all very low key this year.

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    Happy Easter!

    My husband and I had a lovely break with a few friends. I think that's an important part of holidays such as Easter & Christmas - that time to catch up with friends and family - don't you?


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