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Thread: moving co.?

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    moving co.?

    I'm planning a move from Chicago to San Francisco and am wondering if anyone has recommendations for a good moving company. I've never moved more than can fit in my car, so this is a new experience. What kind of rates are a good deal?

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    honestly, i've never known anyone who moved with a company that actually had a good experience. all of them either had something stolen, damaged, or lost.

    i hope someone here has good advice, but if they don't, you could always rent a U-Haul and do it yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stella
    honestly, i've never known anyone who moved with a company that actually had a good experience. all of them either had something stolen, damaged, or lost.
    ditto. everyone always has something go wrong. you know, you usually have a few things go wrong when you do it yourself, too, but you're not paying someone else to take care of your stuff, so I don't think it seems as bad.

    my father-in-law works as a long-distance mover (big rig and all that), and I would trust him to move my stuff; you know, he's really good at what he does and he's been doing it for many many years, but there are also some movers out there who aren't so great. it's just the luck of the draw, I guess. definitely look online and see what other people have to say about any company you're looking at, though. I think has a section just for complaints about moving companies, although you have to separate the reasonable complaints from the unreasonable.

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    i'm doing a similar move from Champaign, IL to Portland, OR in a coupla months. i checked with budget rent-a-trucks and their estimate was around $1500. which seems kind of ridiculous. i could buy an old van for that, drive it across the country, and sell it once i get to portland. of course, it might not make it that far. mmmph.
    i'm down with packing everything myself; that's actually what i'd prefer. i just how to figure out how to get my heavy stuff (books/sewing machine) out west without costing me a small fortune.
    u-haul in town is horrible. i rented from them twice. the first wasn't great - they rented the truck i reserved out, and only had a smaller one, and i had to be very assertive to make them charge me for the smaller one rather than the one i had reserved. and it didn't run very well.
    the second time was worse. the truck got awful gas milage, was missing the right mirror, and shifted gears randomly, all the while sounding like a rhinoceros (sp?) with emphysema. i was actually planning in my head the steps i would take should the engine explode while i was driving it. the only way i'd rent with u-haul is if they have very different trucks for cross country than their in town trucks.

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    We moved from Boston to Madison last year and used United. My sister-in-law moved from Florida to Boston at the same time with North American. We were happy with both companies.

    Personally, I would never move myself again. Over the years we've gone from the "stuff your car and make multiple trips" type of move building up to our last move where we packed ourselves and they moved us. To me, it's worth every penny and next time I'll even have them pack our stuff. They packed my SIL's stuff and she didn't have a single broken thing, our packing job wasn't so good and we had several important things broken due to our poor packing job. I say it's worth every penny because it cost 4,000, but if you are moving for work you can write it off on your taxes.

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    a couple of my friends have used companies that drop off a container (like the big box on the back of a semi) that move multiple persons worth of stuff all at once. it's only a couple hundred bucks, you pack it yourself in the allotted amount of space in the container, and they give you a schedule of when it will arrive at your new place, and then you unpack it. I think they supply some packing stuff too. both people moved from the midwest to NYC, and both had good experiences. as long as you have a week or so that you can live without all of your stuff.

    they got a day to pack up, packed the necessities to keep with them, and then one drove his car out packed with fragile stuff, and the other took a couple suitcases on a plane.

    i appologize for not knowing the names of the shipping companies they used though. i'm sure a little digging will get you some info.

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    When I need to move to a new location, I prefer to find offers on the Internet. I usually read reviews of different companies that provide moving services, I also consider different offers, for example, man with a van, which can also help me with the move and will not be too expensive in contrast to the full service of the moving company. In this situation, I advise you to find the pros and cons of each offer and choose what will be useful and beneficial for you.


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