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Thread: weird CSI thing

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    weird CSI thing

    So if anyone saw CSI Miami last night, you know that the topic of porn was the main issue and they mentioned "porn creep". Well, I just happened to check my web stats and I have gotten like 20 hits today from searches for "porn creep". What the hell?

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    That stuff happened to me when I had a diaryland diary. It'd be words like "white baby sex" somehow in my entry and perverts looking that stuff up. I can only imagine their extreme disappointment when they realized they found a self-pitying, whining girl's diary.

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    hehe. Yeah, I've had some weird searches too. I think my favorite so far was "First Day of School Boobs". Uh, nice.

    This is just weird because I never have 20 or more of the same search in one day.

    Thanks CSI Miami!


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