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    is this a bad idea? (wedding thing)

    Hi everyone. Weddings are everywhere lately! Mine is in 1 1/2 weeks.

    What do you think of this:

    I was already married once a long time ago, one of those fast ones that was purely a learning experience and we both made it out okay. We eloped & did it at the courthouse so it was all really informal. But, one of my friends gave me this beautiful, vintage, handmade handkerchief that was my "something blue" and "something old" for the day.

    It's so pretty. I haven't got any other "something blue" or "something old" this time around so I'm wondering if I should use it again, or if it's been tainted by having been used for the failed first wedding.

    I guess only I can really decide that, but I'm still interested in the general concensus. I mean, maybe the whole old/borrowed/blue/new thing is kind of passe too?! I don't know.

    If I really am going to follow this tradition, it occurs to me that I also don't have a "something borrowed" figured out. So if anybody has a different vintage hanky with blue on it that you want to lend me, let me know! That would solve this dilemma. I promise I'll give it back.

    Thank you!

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    it's only a bad thing if it makes you feel bad. if you are ok with it than it is a-ok!

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    Week and a half away? This slacker needs to get your card in the mail ASAP!

    Regarding the hankie from your first marriage - I suppose it depends on how superstitious you are. Are you comfortable with having it as a reminder of all the life experiences which led you to Rodney? Or of that particular friend and your relationship with her?

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    when you look at that hanky, do you think "oy, this is from that marriage-thingy I did once that didn't work" or do you think "oh I love this beautiful handmade hanky that I got from my lovely friend" - if it's the latter, use it!

    I don't think it's tainted by your first go-around - this ceremony will wash all that away anyhow! :)
    Congratulations to you!

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    I'm reminded of Othello, strangely enough.

    GO FOR IT. It sounds great. Unless you're superstitious. I've noticed bad things happen to superstitious people who don't follow their superstitions.


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