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    gardening question

    I bought some pots, potting soil, bulb food, and bulbs today at the store. When I got home I noticed that my two favorites say that the rec. planting time for my region is Nov./Dec. Would it be ok to go ahead and plant them or would they not grow?

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    They'll grow, dear, but not bloom. (Most likely.) If you keep them in a very cool spot with good light, you might have some success. It really depends on what type of bulb.

    Anyway, I would plant them and enjoy the green foliage, feeding them bulb food, and anticipate next spring's blooms.

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    I think it's always worth giving it a try with gardening- it's better to plant them and see what happens then leave them in a cupboard somewhere to go moldy over the next 9 months! You'd be suprised how things that you just chuck in the ground can do sometimes. They might bloom- but i'm pretty sure that you'll have to wait for next year for that- plant them anyway- remember where they are (in a pot right!) and plant something else over the top of them- some shallow rooted annual flowers that you like...

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    Thanks for sharing your opinions. It is really very interesting.
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