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    The Choice Generation

    There's a very interesting article on called "the Choice Generation" (

    I think its a very tought provoking piece about what choices are really available to women concerning their careers and families as well as how the word "choice" has become problematic in feminism.

    "For many young feminists, "choice" has become the very definition of feminism itself illustrated by the standard-bearing right to choose abortion and supported by the ever-advertised notion that they have choice in everything else in life as well. The cult of choice consumerism wills us to believe that women can get everything we want out of life, as long as we make the right choices along the way from the cereal we eat in the morning to the moisturizer we use at night, and the universe of daily decisions, mundane and profound, that confront us in between. But when things fall apart, as they tend to do from time to time, women's individual choices are always to blame. "If only I had purchased that new personal digital assistant, it would somehow have given me the superhuman power to be in two places at once," we're meant to say, and vow to be more compliant consumers next time."

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    This sounds like the article that was in the last issue of Bitch.

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    I'm not sure if people want us to be upset or excited that we've been using "choice" more and more. Frankly, I don't use choice that much, but how important are the semantics when it comes to feminism? And, anyway, shouldn't making choices be a thoroughly human thing?

    Are women the only ones using choice as their argument? I'm more fond of saying "I have the right to..." It's a stronger word.

    And that does sound quite similar to the Bitch article.


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