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    kinda corny, my revelation

    hey everyone (i used to be Lauren until my love interest found out and started reading my posts)

    this is kind of corny and random, but i just had an epiphany, and who better to tell but you guys...

    i broke up with my boyfriend of a few years and was absolutely distraught, but quickly found someone else whom i love spending time with yet could not enjoy it because i felt guilty, almost as if i was cheating on my ex. BUT i JUST convinced myself that at age 20 its good to go out and experience and do whatever the hell you want (within reason) because thats what life is for, right? experience? and probably youll regret it if you dont. so there.

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    yes, experience is good, fo rizzle. as long as you aren't flaunting it to ex.boy, there is absolutely nothing wrong. and, you need healing and fun just as much as he does!


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