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    i want to play guitar

    I'm sure there'll be some guitarists/musicians/just generally helpful people amongst you that will be able to help me.

    this is the thing...

    i got a classical guitar for my 15th birthday (i wanted an electric but my dad said i could only have one once i was good enough)* Since then I've bought books and taped practice schedules to my wall, and co-opted a boyfriend to teach me stuff and learnt bits and pieces, but in 8 years have got practically nowhere.

    i REALLY want to play guitar. i feel quite desperate about it now. and I know that all it takes is a decision and some action - choosing a course/teacher, or putting up a notice to get other people to practise with or whatever.

    but for some reason I'm stuck just doing nothing. not really sure exactly what action i should be taking.

    if someone could just give me a shove in the right direction? you know, when you get some advice, and you go 'ok, I'm going to do that now!'
    that'd be really helpful. anything you can think of really - I think some helpful words would just help kickstart me.

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    I first learned on classical. I didn't learn how to play classical; I learned how to make a few chords (G, C, A, etc) on the classical, so when I eventually got an electric, I was simply shocked at how easy it was to make those exact same chords.

    If you want an electric or an acoustic, get one, but I don't really recommend a classical one unless you're serious about classical music, obviously. I love classical guitar, but it's not my thing.

    This is what I did (and still do): I picked up a big book of guitar chords and started with the open chords. And I practiced those. I haven't practiced much or enough, but I AM self-taught, I can say that much. And I'm mediocre, but it's a nice hobby of mine. You know, the great thing about guitar is pretty much anyone can learn.

    Once you get comfortable with open chords, try to find some tabs and play those. When you're better at barred chords/power chords, find more tabs. Or you might like to play more solo-ish stuff, and that's cool, too.

    Just play.

    I'd also suggest buying a guitar tuner, as it's difficult for the average person to know everything by ear; I'm not naturally musically gifted. It's learned for me. I'm JUST getting to where I can tune my guitar without relying on my tuner, just a little bit.

    Have fun. I LOVE my guitars, even though I hardly have time to play anymore.

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    thanks s&w! just what i needed - a little bit of motivation to get me going. been practising in the mornings... doing quite well with my open chords. and just about to put a bid in for an acoustic on ebay. (did teach myself enough classical to pass grade 2 guitar, but you're right - need an acoustic to play chords, and then can leave my classical for classical...)

    thx again, Lm.x

    ps heartening to know that one can learn to tune a little bit - i'm not musically gifted either so thought it was something which would always just elude me

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    You can buy a guitar tuner for about $20, and it makes a world of difference until you have a musical ear. You set one string on the tuner, tune it until the arrows line up, and then proceed down the strings until everything is tuned.

    It's great.


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