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    Today is Earth Day

    How are you celebrating?

    I rode my bicycle to work ...

    Bought long-lasting flourescent lightbulbs instead of the regular incandescent ones ...

    Printed double-sided at work ...

    Made plans to plant some new trees and make my compost bin ...


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    I'm eating only fresh, raw food today, and going to an Earth Day event at the raw food cafe in my neighborhood. (And I took the bus instead of driving but don't think that really counts because the buses can be so smelly...) (ok, ok, those are things I do most days, except the Earth Day event... but I'm feeling earthy and grounded today, does that count? Cor I'm silly =-)!!!)

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    *$ is giving away free coffee today if you bring in your own cup.

    I'm not personally doing anything special (hadn't really thought about it), but tomorrow I'm going to put in a few hours helping out in a community garden, for a work-related charity event. (There, I officially said I would do it, so now I have to.)

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    We made art with found objects we picked up on a neighborhood stroll.

    We got rain-soaked on a trip to get groceries, too.


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