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    finding a mentor

    I'm stuck...I'm in an "inbetween time" in my life. I can look back at where I was, and now am looking forward to my future. I have an idea of how I want to feel and what I want to do, but I don't know how to find the path to that place.
    Here's the deal: I want to sing jazz..I want to work with dancers on original works with jazz, I want to be involved with an orchestra, I want to study literature and art. I want to have a garden. I want to create everyday, I want to live in a nice place that isn't too far from downtown. I want enough money. enough for rent/food/living/travel and for all the projects I'm working on. I want friends..freaky artsy openminded friends. I want to collaborate with other artists/musicians. I want to have fun.

    I want a mentor. I want someone who's been there before..and knows the pitfalls. I want someone to hold my hand..yes HOLD MY least at first. I don't want a wannabe life coach who thinks it would be cool to "figure out' life. I want a hardcore, toughlove mentor that believes in me.
    I ask the universe for guidance daily....I'm still waiting.

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    I think it sounds like you really have a handle on what you need to get started. Sometimes when you put yourself on the path, your mentor will appear. I believe that. In the meantime, are you putting yourself in the way of a possible mentor? Are you volunteering at local theaters and clubs (jazz clubs, i mean) and other places where you can meet like-minded individuals etc.

    I love your vision for your life and where it is going, I have no doubt that you will get there!


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