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    Sexy Girls...What Makes You Feel Sexy?

    What makes you feel sexy?

    I am hoping that this will be an opportunity for each of us to do a little self-examination to think about the things, both trivial and monumental that make us feel at our best and thus exude positive, healthy sexual energy.

    So friends....let it rip...what makes you feel unapologetically, blissfully, wonderfully sexy?....strut your stuff!

    For me...

    *strappy sandals
    *being in the presence of someone I am attracted to on an emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual level. I don't necessarily have to be in love with the person, but a strong attraction will definitely get me going!
    *listening to soft classic soul or old school jazz music
    *reading good poetry
    *feeling the sun on my face
    *feeling the wind blow through my hair
    *oiling my body after a long, hot shower....then plopping my supple self in the bed and feeling silky against the sheets!
    *good sex ;-)
    *affirming my self-worth, and knowing that I am good person who is trying to enjoy life like the next person

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    Oooh, great topic!

    my blue jean skirt
    mary janes (I guess that's sort of perverse, but I don't care)
    applying eyeliner perfectly
    eating sushi
    wearing black pants even in summer
    wine-colored lipstick
    my pale skin

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    new york
    my hair
    marc jacobs boots
    smelling good
    cigarettes and pharmaceuticals
    my unrivalled wit
    my massive cans

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    sittin' on the dock of the bay
    * the beach
    * cooking/eating a good meal
    * candles
    * sustained eye contact
    * flirting
    * a good outfit
    * having yummy-smelling hair

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    * My kitten-heeled shoes
    * Sexy undies
    * Straight hair
    * Lots o' lip gloss
    * Black liquid eyeliner
    * A bit of cleavage
    * A cute handbag

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    wearing men's jeans

    going barefoot

    being freshly showered and lotioned

    burning candles

    drinking good red wine with cheeses and bread and olives



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