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    Hitchhiker's Guide movie

    I just saw it a couple of days ago & while I was a fanatic about the books as a kid, it's been a long time since I read them. Hence I was pretty happy with what the movie offered. Even moreso because I never really like Arthur all the much (Ford was my favorite character). But I appear to be in the minority because a lot of people who loved the book are absolutely furious about the changes, which were all supposedly made by Douglas Adams before he died 4 years ago.

    Any of you gals seen it? Opinions? What did you like/hate?

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    I am really looking forward to seeing this movie.

    Ford Prefect is my favorite character too, and I also wasn't as much of a fan of Arthur. I am a bit pissed that they combined Trillian and Fenchurch - what's up with that? Why is it that female characters are seen as expendable?

    But otherwise, I am seeing it tomorrow and I can't wait!

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    Ford is my favorite character too! That being said, I was a bit disappointed with the 'movie Ford' because he was just lacking a certain something, y'know?

    Other than that, I think it helped that I went into the theater with a really open mind about possible changes and whatnot. I really enjoyed it.

    My roommate who had never read the books thought it was crap. But I think he just doesn't have any sense of irony whatsoever.

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    They combined Trillian and Fenchurch? WHAT THE HELL. Trillian did NOT PLAY STRINGED INSTRUMENTS.

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    I'm going to have to see it again. Which I will because I found it interesting that they mixed the books up and I really hope that they do another movie because they didn't even touch on The Resturant at the End of the Universe, although at the end they mentioned it. It was my favorite book in the series.

    I found it quite interesting though, and in douglas adams fasion he changed it a bit. He said he'd never write the same thing twice. There was another name on the bill for screenplay however. I'm wondering about the romantic interest between arther and trillian. In the books he always had a thing for him, but she seemed so enamoured with Zaphod. I liked that a lot better.

    I'm not sure if that was a descision by adams or by hollywood, in an attempt to put a love story in the whole thing.

    A few things I wish would have happened.

    1. more referring to the guide. I can't imagine people who haven't read the book seeing this movie. Whats a bablefish? Why must you drink beer before time travel? etc. I would be confused.

    2. Zaphod's second head. I'm not sure I liked how it was displayed. I guess you have all of these ideas in your head of what things should look like when you read a book, and sometimes hollywood just doesn't seem to do it justice.

    3. Covering less books, with more detail. Like doing books 1 and 2, and then leaving room for a sequal for 3,4.

    but then perhaps douglas had a plan when he stated he'd never write the same thing twice. because if you really want to know you will read the guide.

    still all in all I liked it. Also I've always loved adams as a creative genius. Can you image backpacking through europe, drunk as a skunk, stumbling through a feild and falling down on your back.

    and looking at the stars and dreaming up this masterpiece called the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.

    truely genuis

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    i liked the movie, but i think it may not have been as good had i not read the books
    a few things i was happy with:
    the casting was on point
    i liked the guide "intermission" scenes
    the yarn scene

    zaphod's second head, it creeped me out the way they chose to portray it
    i expected all of the books to be covered, which is a but much for one movie but i was left wanting more
    the dolphins... unless you had read the book, they seemed to be just funny fish singing showtunes

    i don't see how they combined trillian and fenchurch, please explain i must have missed something

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    I haven't seen it yet...but I am a huge fan of the book.

    What angers me about the people yelling and screaming about the "changes" is that is what Douglas Adams did! He changed the damn radio series when he made it a book, the radio series was also changed when it was put on BBC...

    The way I see it is, if his family okayed it then it is okay with me!

    (Now, I must resist the urge to read the rest of the replies)

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    I come from a family that has been obsessed with the book for as long as I can remember. We read the books, individually and as a trilogy in four parts, heard the original radio shows, read the radio scripts, heard the new radio shows, watched the tv programmes and went and saw the play of the book. As a family we've been waiting for the film to come out for years...
    I imagine if you had no idea what to expect then it would probably be a totally bizarre experience- but I kind of liked the film. I thought it was really pretty in keeping with the book/tv show- the dialogue for the first part of the film seemed to be absolutely spot on. I liked how there were little updates (Ford paying with a 50 note and not a fiver), and I liked how they hadn't tried to make it too up to date- there's really not that much in it that tells you it's now 2005.
    I guess any faults of the film were perhaps due to faults in the book originally (am I going to get shot for that?) perhaps the books that we love and hold dear aren't actually as amazing as we've thought they were for all these years? Ack- I can't believe i'm saying that!
    I wish there'd been more of the book itself in the film- barely any mention of it at all really...
    Um- but the main thing that I wanted to comment on was how excited I am to discover that it's not just me and my family and a bunch of nerds in the UK that are passionate about this- its a whole bunch of geeks in America too!

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    I just saw this last night, and OH! It was good! I was laughing and clapping and giddy through the movie.

    Complaints: I didn't like the way they showed Trillian, somehow she was more intelligent in my mind. But maybe that was just something I imagined, because Douglas Adams was the one who combined the two. Didn't like they way they did Zaphod's second head, either. I think Mos Def was the best Ford that could be played, because the way he's written in the book, it's really hard to get him right. He's very otherworldly, and yet completely normal at the same time.

    But otherwise, I loved it, such a fun movie. The casting of Arthur Dent was right on, absolutely perfect.

    I saw it with someone who isn't a big Adams fan, so that was a bit of a downer. But I'm going to see it again in two weeks with another friend who loved it. Yay!

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    I loved the books, and I went in with an open mind to the changes that I knew would be inevitable. I thought that as a movie it was good. I loved the dolphins' dance number and I have been humming it ever since I saw the movie.

    Of course it stood no chance to the book, but I tried hard to accept that this was something that Doug Adams worked his ass off to get out there.

    I hated the forced love story. Blech!

    But for all of you that love you some Hitchhiker, check out the old BBC miniseries. It's truely the bomb.

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