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Thread: solo road trips

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    solo road trips

    i take a lot of solo road trips, and the worst part of it is the long drive
    i bore quickly of the radio, CDs, learn in your car language series, and the cell phone
    i'm going to try an audio book for this weekend's road trip
    i was just wondering if anyone else had any tricks to make the drive go by quicker


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    Comedy CDs.

    I don't ever do road trips alone, but these still have been the BEST thing to listen to. It makes the time go by so fast.

    I haven't ever tried in a car, but I can't do audio books - my brain shuts down if someone reads to me. My husband will do that w/ the back of a movie or book to tell me what it's about and I just can't stand it.

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    i do love audio books for trips.

    another thing i do is just zone out. it sounds horrible, but i do a lot of thinking on long highway trips. makes the time fly by.

    something else i do is try to make stories up about people driving past me. especially truck drivers. their lives always seem fascinating to me.

    and it's also the time to listen to your guilty pleasure music - no one to give you funny looks!

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    I used to do lots of long drives by myself and found the boredom the hardest part. I listened to NPR, sang along loudly with whatever CD I was obsessed with at the time (sometimes listening to it 2 or 3 times in a row), and thought a lot. When I was in grad school, I would try to work out paper topics and ideas, or stories that I wanted to write. I also made up elaborate, usually highly dramatic dialogues, and practiced doing foreign accents.

    I'm a list and note-maker, so it was tough to not be able to write ideas down; I thought using a mini tape recorder, but never did because it felt too much like Agent Cooper or Alan Partridge.

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    I second the comedy idea. I also suggest Spoken Word cds. Henry Rollins saved my life. I was driving back from a wedding and was oh so tired. I pulled over and bought a cd. Focusing on it and thinking about it kept me awake for the very long drive.
    I don't know where you live but Cracker Barrel has a good deal on 'renting' audio cds. You can trade them at any CB along your trip. CB itself is scary but their cd policy is worth it. (I just saw you're in AL so that makes me think you won't be wanting for a CB near you)!

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    A really great alternative to both audio books (can get pretty involved) and radio (can get pretty obnoxious) are NPR's Driveway Moments CD's. They're basically a "best of" the stories that they air on This American Life, All Things Considered, etc. Highly recommended!

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    Off topic:

    Quote Originally Posted by lalamark
    it felt too much like Agent Cooper
    Thanks for the Twin Peaks reference, I don't think we've seen one of those around here for a long time!

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    I second audio books and tapes of radio shows or comedy. We can't get Howard Stern here so one of our friends taped a few episodes and sent them to us - they made our 7 hour trip to Indiana fly by.


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