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    Williamsburg, Brooklyn

    I am going to Williamsburg on June 30th to July 6th. I have some friends up there, but I was wondering if anybody could give me some ideas on what to do while I am there? Instead of totalling depending on my friends for things to do. Since they will probably be at work or something.


    vegetarian restaurants
    cool stores of all kinds
    unique fun stuff that only locals know about.

    stuff like that.

    All ideas much appreicated.

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    Ah Williamsburg. I have a love/hate relationship with it but it can provide some truly awesome times.

    Some interesting things:
    The Free Store-everything is free. Seriously. Its messy but it's an interesting experiment. I can't remember the address but it should be easy to look up.

    Supreme Trading-great art space/garden/bar/lounge on . . . North 8 and Driggs I think. Good for funtimes.

    Future Perfect-Love this shop. A few friends have their wares there. Well designed jewelry, and home stuff.

    Zebulon-very cool little jazzy bar on Wythe i think. Near North 3rd. If you like the jazz . . .

    Sea-It's big and it's pretty and it's good cheap pan-Asian food. I actually love it. And they have a lot of vegetarian options from what i remember.

    You should check out and do a neighborhood search-thats usually helpful too. Honestly, just walking around on some of the more popular streets (Bedfrod, North 6 are two i think) is fun.

    Oh! There's this outdoor garden lounge place near wythe but I don't know the name . . . Tucked away, very cool. I may go there tonight so i'll . . . get the name and stuff and report back. Sorry for being so scattered.

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    Those places sound great!!

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    I was in Billburg last summer but didn't catch the Free Store, that sounds awesome!

    Check out Artists and Fleas, I missed it because I was there on the long weekend so it was cancelled, but it sounds cool:

    Vegetarian restos:
    191 Bedford Avenue
    between North 6th and North 7th
    Brooklyn, NY 11211
    tel: (718) 599-2547

    goga café and vegetarian lounge

    I only went to Bliss, but Goga sounds cool too.

    Beacon's Closet has 2 shops for vintage clothes:
    Lots more, I'm not a local. There's a nice little yarn shop called the Yarn Tree right on Bedford, there are lots of shops up and down that street. I remember hearing about some hipster places just off the main drag but can't remember the names and didn't get to them. Check this out:

    It's *so easy* to get to Manhattan from Williamsburg, so don't worry about feeling limited to Brooklyn, though you can probably fill up all your time over there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by aspiring
    It's *so easy* to get to Manhattan from Williamsburg, so don't worry about feeling limited to Brooklyn, though you can probably fill up all your time over there!
    if you're lucky. most weekends there is hardly any "L" train service so you have to find other ways to get to manhattan, not to mention other parts of brooklyn! but sometimes it will end on the stop after bedford ave, so you can still get the train from williamsburg proper.

    bliss is a good veggie restaurant, and if you walk north up to greenpoint there's some of the best thai food i've ever had, right there in a mostly polish neighborhood. i love greenpoint.

    bedford ave and north 6th st offer the best shopping (minimini market, fluke vintage, american apparel, lawanna's for skateboarding sneakers, otte for higher end/designer, spacial etc, metaphors, amarcord vintage....) but if you explore the side streets there are some great shops as well (i like catbird on metropolitan, and a few others more south on bedford that i forgot the names of). clovis press is a great book/zine shop, and there are a bazillion fun little coffee places to hang out and people watch if you're bored. my favorite bar is enid's, on the north side of mccarren park on manhattan ave, and galapogos is cool too - it was in that movie "coffee and cigarettes" and has an okay scene, but also sunday night movies occasionally, which is great cos you won't see what they're showing anywhere else.

    take in the manhattan views on the westside while you can. they're going to be putting up all these high-rises over the next few years that will make roof-top dwelling pretty sucky. : (

    have fun and let me know if you need any more advice - i live there!


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