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    my baby sister - ideas needed fellow craftistas!

    my baby sis...

    my little fa fa oogie boogie cutie pants be-be-aught-tah-be-fun ...

    ... is getting married in 2 weeks!

    (i've never really had the feeling before - like time is passing and i'm aging - dare i say "getting old?"... but i digress... :o) )

    anyway, i'm posting because she would like me to get / craft table cloths for her and make the centerpieces she'll use at her ceremony/reception. her wedding is small (about 30 people) and outside on my mom's old nonworking farm. she's using picnic tables and is having a barbeque potluck dinner after the ceremony. (she's so cool, right?)

    my current plan is to get sheets at the thirft store to make the table cloths. at first i was thinking white but it might be nicer to go with different colors. i would also like to crochet a simple trim around the edges of the table cloths with a tassle on each corner. i guess the trim would be the same color on each table clothe - maybe white. as for centerpieces i'm thinking glass bowls in the centers of the tables filled with water floating candles in each.

    but i'd like to have a plethora of ideas in my head before i just go ahead and decide on something. any additional ideas / thoughts / past experiences welcome! my main goal is to have things look simple, classy, and as magical as possible for her special day...

    thanks for any and all help witht this...


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    From all of the wedding pictures I've seen, white tablecloths look the best because they set off the centerpieces the best. Crocheting the edges would make the tablecloths feel more "festive."

    I really like the idea of glass bowls with floating candles. Maybe you could even make the candles with some flower petals in them. Or you could etch the glass bowls and go with an all-white decor.

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    thrifted sheets are iffy... And in sunlight you might see wear and stains that you really don't want to question. Or you might buy clean fabric to run down the middle of the sheet where all that mess is. Bleached muslin, for instance.

    But if they are solids, you could tie dye them and the odd areas would be less noticeable.

    The tassel idea is good, especially if they are heavy enough to weight the cloth from breezes. You can make tassels in so many ways, and use large heavy beads in them.

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    I remember a suggestion from one of my wedding planning books that I loved and would have used had we done even a moderately traditional wedding.

    It suggested gathering up old candleabras and candlestick holders and clustering them in the center of the table. Since it sounds like the reception will be during daylight maybe you could replace some of the candles with lifelike flowerbuds. Old cake plates in the center with groupings of the holders or vases on them look cool. Thats how I hold my seasoning shakers on my table. You could get different sized flower and bud vases and cluster them on the cake plate so that they are slightly up out of the way. If you used candleabras and holders, you could get some silvery or coppery paint and rub the holders down with it to make them more uniform with the antiqued tarnish thing.

    I agree about the white table cloths though, they let the eyes go towards the centerpieces (which can be the real art anyway.) I don't know what kind of a time frame you're working on, but thirty people doesn't sound too bad! If you can crochet edges in time, that would look great. Otherwise I'd be stocking up on glugun sticks and nice ribbon!

    Have fun!


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