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    Living room safari

    Does anyone out there have a safari/jungle decorated living room?
    Whether you do or not, I'd love some ideas.

    I have a week off in August to splurge with my shoestring budget and transform a blah room into a Hemingway inspired getaway. I'm looking for the best color schemes that go well with 2marroon sofas&oak floors.
    So far, I've found two $4 dollar figurines of elephants and leopards that look lovely on my entertainment set.

    Any suggestions, comments or smart remarks?
    Any and all are welcome.

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    Living room safara

    I love this idea... I think it can work without being too kitchy... I am thinking white sheers, wicker or rattan furniture..Maybe you can add a chair.. a not too strong green wall.. I will look for some pictures.. Rent out of Africa..or go to the library..there are that series of books (country name style) I am sure there is an Africa style..Good luck and tell us how it goes..

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    How about some African masks or a large African urn filled with tall, dried grass?

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    Animal prints? I think zebra striped throw pillows would look good on a maroon couch, or you could just do a mix of prints. Paint the frame of a mirror, or just a picture frame in an animal print. I once saw a make over show that framed these really large plant leaves, but the leaves looked like elephant ears. I think they might have been called elephant ears, but I'm not sure.

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    Not a lot to add, except that I'm with louisa: "white sheers (note: which is actually one of the cheapest kind of window treatments you can have), wicker or rattan furniture (note: try Pier 1 for affordable wicker furniture)...a not too strong green wall." These three things would be perfect, especially the white sheers on your windows, which will give your room that breezy, mosquito netting sort of look. You can even use bamboo (found at garden centers) as curtain rods! Very affordable.

    I also like amanelle's suggestion of a few tasteful zebra striped throw pillows. Avoid leopard print which, in my opinion, looks a bit more Elvis than Ernest. And plants are a must! (Yes, elephant ears is the name of a very cool looking plant, but I think it is an outdoor plant. But I'm not 100% on that.)

    A good lamp or two would be nice. Here are some inspiration lamps (scroll down for some of the better ones, which happen to be "By Ernest Hemingway"):

    I am sure that you can find affordable versions of these at places like Pier 1 Imports, Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Steinmart, etc.

    And you should check out Thomasville's site for inspiration pictures. They have a Hemingway line:

    Okay, maybe I had more to say that I thought! Good luck, and I hope you post pictures when you are all done.

    - Steph


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