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Thread: movies to rent

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    Quote Originally Posted by tabularasa
    i forgot to add "spellbound" - documentary about the kids who go to the national spelling bee in d.c. really funny and absolutely wonderful!
    If you like documentaries there have been a lot of really good ones lately, including Capturing the Friedmans and The Fog of War (both nominated for Oscars this year and now out on video/dvd).

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    i'm a chi girl
    i just watched some movies from netflix:

    adaptation, (great!)
    scarlet diva (funny, 'artsy porn' but good, heh)
    storytelling (i didn't like it, not because it's dirty, but i was just disappointed...i expected more from todd stoltz.... oh well.)

    i wonder what i'll get next. i need to be better about watching the movies all the time to make it worth the money....

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    I just watched a bunch of movies this week. I have "Me Myself and I" and East is East" (think that is correct) still to watch. I *heart* free library DVDs!

    Here is cut + paste what I posted on my blog yesterday about the movies:

    Mallrats - I let the boys watch this with me and now I cannot get Nick to stop mimicking Jay's "Snootchie Boochie Noochies" phrase. Great....

    Xanadu - I "let" the boys watch Mallrats, but I forced them to watch Xanadu. Hehe! Chris got out of it by falling asleep. Nick was forced to stay awake and watch the beauty of this magical movie. Once upon a time, I really believed in this movie. I even tried to rollerskate into my garage door, thinking it would take me into another dimension. I also remember that I was really into mythology after watching this movie. What a cute little dweeb I was back then! I have the Xanadu album -- I should make the cover into a purse. Oooooo...

    Sixteen Candles - Molly Ringwald is my hero. I loved Olivia, but I wanted to BE Molly Ringwald. I still do. And I want this t-shirt!

    Better Off Dead - John Cusack is awesome, too. Although, I find it odd he was a freshman in Sixteen Candles, but a senior in this movie. Both movies came out in 1985 (when I was a freshman!). Hmmm?

    I love all John Cusack movies.

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