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    Feeling Settled...

    So I will be moving yet again at the end of this month...I am starting to feel like just when I get comfy, we move again...What are somethings you do to feel at "home" in your space?


    -light candles
    -hang up pictures as soon as possible
    -try to set up a routine
    -make something in my new kitchen
    -drive around the neighborhood, looking for the post office, closest grocery store, etc

    What do you do?


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    getting comfortable

    I like to buy and display fresh flowers and invite someone over for dinner. If you are at all close to your previous location, you should throw a housewarming party- to warm the new house!

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    I move a bunch too.
    I have a brick that i collected from the demolition site of the house i grew up in til i was 17. I usually try to avoid putting much energy into objects because things tend to get lost, but keeping that brick with me helps me be comfy.

    Also i find a nook. A little corner (on the floor, against a wall, between two couches, for example) where i can hide. It's like the fort i used to make out of pillows and all the blankets and cushions in the house. It feels safe.

    If possible, make a nook on purpose when arranging furniture at your new home.

    Good luck.


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    Heh, I like all those ideas. I don't have a brick but I do make hidey-holes, and I do have parties to make a place feel like home.

    Oh, wait, I actually do have a rock from my grandmother's house.

    The more memories you build in this place the more it will feel like home.

    Some people who travel a lot and stay in hotels everywhere have things like signature scents (candles or incense or room spray, maybe perfume) that they spread around. Also photos of friends and family and pets, and some will bring a familiar scarf to drape over a lamp. Just smallish stuff that always speaks of home.

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    I am all about lighting. Set up some nice soft lamps, light some candles, put on some soothing music, and make a cup of tea. Start crafting. You're home!

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    You guys are good. I just moved, and I had to completely remodel the place to make it feel like it was mine. I think I knew too much backstory about the previous owners though, and maybe I visited it too many times before when their furniture was here. But I liberated it from its country craft, Lazy-Boy Hell! Now it's mine! BwaHaHaHahaha! (yes, that was an evil laugh)

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    I always unpack my books first. A house isn't a home without books lining a wall. Then play some Coltrane and light a good smelling candle. I've done this on all of my moves and it makes me feel like home everytime. Oh, and a walk around the neighborhood helps too.


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