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    Re: 10 TV Shows You Hate

    Quote Originally Posted by Selah
    10. Law and Order: Criminal Intent (I love the other L&Os but Vincent D'Onofrio's character is insufferable)
    I completely agree!!!

    Also, CSI Miami (see other thread!), The Apprentice, Fandemonium (a "game show" on muchmusic), Cribs, Oprah, any show with surgeries being done, Jerry Springer, The View, and America's Funniest Home Videos (any version!)!!!!

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    1. Everybody Loves Raymond. I for one, do not. Can't stand it. I don't think I would watch it if it were the ONLY show on TV.
    2. Roseanne. Altogether too much shouting for one show.
    3. Third Rock From the Sun. Is there a character on that show that doesn't drive me crazy? I don't think so...
    3. Home Improvement. Ugh... Tim Allen couldn't be more irritating.
    4. Semi-Homemade. That lady is totally a Stepford Wife.
    5. Fear Factor. Even the commercials make me sick.
    6. Viva La Bam. Call me crazy, but I'm not really interested in watching some lame show that the Audio Video losers from my high school would have put together.
    7. Trading Spaces. I also used to like it, but it's just about the designers doing what they want now, with no regard for the homeowner. I just feel bad for the people who end up with a crappy room.
    8. America's Funniest Home Videos. I do not, and probably never will, laugh at the stuff they have on that show. My 12 year old brother LOVES it though. ;)
    9. Dharma and Greg. I've probably only seen it a couple of times, but for some reason, it just bothers me. Maybe it's that woman who plays Dharma...
    10. Malcolm in the Middle. Sometimes it's funny, but the show just stresses me out... and the fact that their house is a pig-sty just drives me batty.

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