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    10 TV Shows You Hate

    I'm liking the lists. What shows would you rather have your nails pulled out than endure?

    1. The Golden Girls
    2. Designing Women
    3. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman
    4. Emeril
    5. Room by Room
    6. Cops
    7. Simply Quilts
    8. I Want to be a Hilton
    9. Judging Amy
    10. Law and Order: Criminal Intent (I love the other L&Os but Vincent D'Onofrio's character is insufferable)

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    New England
    1. The Family Guy
    2. Saved by the Bell
    3. Full House
    4. Just Shoot Me (aptly named)
    5. Charmed
    6. Wheel of Fortune
    7. Fear Factor
    8. The Man Show
    9. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
    10. That one with Urkel on it

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    Dallas, TX
    1. Seinfeld
    2. American Idol
    3. The Bachelor/The Bachelorette
    4. Summerland
    5. Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica
    6. Any season of The Real World after Chicago
    7. Any of the dating shows (Blind Date, Elimidate, Dismissed, etc. - what happened to Love Connection, I ask you? Or even Studs?)
    8. Married with Children
    9. Fear Factor
    10. CSI (I don't think this is a bad show, but whenever I watch it, I get nightmares, so I have to steer clear.)

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    1. Cheaters
    2. Everybody Loves Raymond
    3. The 700 Club
    4. Martha Stewart Living
    5. 7th Heaven
    6. The Andy Griffith Show
    7. Tom Goes to the Mayor
    8. all of those stupid anime shows on Adult Swim
    9. infomercials (not a tv show, but I know some people actually enjoy watching them. I do not.)
    10. Cops

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    San Diego
    1. Hogan's Heroes
    2. Any and all televised sports
    3. Any and all shows that involve surgery and/or lots of blood/innards
    4. Fake Out
    5. The Apprentice (and any other "I wanna be a..." show)
    6. Survivor
    7. Chasing Farrah
    8. Fear Factor
    9. New Gilligan's Island
    10. Post 1970s Star Trek stuff

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    Green Acres
    The Waltons
    Golden Girls
    Designing Women
    Any Stupid Soap Opera. They're all the same!
    Semi-Homemade Cooking With Sandra Lee
    Judge Judy
    home shopping channels. Any of them.
    scrapbooking shows.
    fear factor

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    Cleveland, OH
    -Anything religious, except for the nun with the eye patch
    -Bastardized 80's cartoons (the remakes of Ninja Turtles, Strawberry Shortcake, etc)
    -Anything MTV shows (I Want a Famous Face? Laguna Beach? The Inferno? Ick.)
    -Blue Collar TV
    -MATLOCK (jesus-frigging-crimony, I can't escape him, ever.)
    -Pretty much everything on the WB except for Gilmore Girls
    -Hope and Faith
    -The Facts of Life
    -Crocodile Hunter ("Blimey, I stuck my face in this rattler's nest and the bloody snake cor bit me! She's maaaad now, mates!")

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    1. Every sitcom except for Scrubs. They're awful
    2. Reality shows that are competitions. The ones like Airline that just show what happens can be good...but American Idol/Apprentice. Ick
    3. MTV shows.
    4. That Evel Knievel show on A&E
    5. Trading Spaces - I used to like it, but it gets on my nerves now
    6. Saved by the Bell
    7. Fox News channel :)
    8. Religious shows.
    9. Viva la Bam/Wildboys
    10. All the new plastic surgery shows.

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    Really, really don't like these....

    • Raymond
      Judging Amy
      Gilligan's Island
      Fear Factor
      Amazing Race
      The Bachelor/Bachelorette and all that crap
      beauty pageants
      Grace Under Fire

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    Ferndale is a cowtown!
    Man oh man! I wish I had cable so I knew what all this vileness was! (I guess I enjoy being annoyed.)

    1. FOX News- some lame-o is always putting this channel on at the gym. What a bunch of crap!
    2. Everybody Loves Raymond - Oh no they don't.
    3. Most reality shows. I'm trying to remember one I like, but I can't. And I believe this correlation holds true: the more obviously fake boobs, the worse the show is. That means you, Fear Factor!
    4. That Emeril guy.
    5. Pretty much any soap opera. Sorry soap opera fans!
    6. ER. It just needs to die a quiet death, like three years ago.
    7. Any of those daytime court shows.
    8. Starting Over House makes me want to retch
    9. The Tonight SHow (if that's the one Jay Leno is on)
    10. Saturday morning live action shows. I may be, well, over 30, but I want my cartoons!

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