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    10 Things I Know About....

    I recently posted an entry in my blog about my mother that was inspired in part by the children's book Because of Winn Dixie. In that book, Opal asks her father to tell her ten things he knew about her mother, who left them when Opal was very small. It's Opal's way of trying to know who her mother was. SewLittleTime suggested that, in the spirit of our recent obsession with lists of 10, I start a thread asking all of you to share the Ten Things You Know About....your mom, your dad, you, your sweetie...whoever. So here are 10 Things I Know About My Mother....

    1. She was adopted by my grandparents when she was almost 2 years old. She didn't know she was adopted until after her mother died in 1977.

    2. She loved to drink Pink Squirrels.

    3. She liked Phil Collins.

    4. She once jacked my sister's boyfriend up against our garage wall when she caught him slapping my sister around.

    5. She loved liver.

    6. She could draw anything.

    7. She loved powder blue eye shadow and flowery red and orange dresses -- sometimes both at the same time.

    8. She wanted to travel to Europe, but never had the chance.

    9. She made awesome potato salad.

    10. She loved having her nails trimmed and polished in coral or rose.

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    Cute idea. Here are 10 things I know about my Grandma (one of my favorite people on earth):

    1. She once changed dresses with her best girlfriend in the bathroom of a party. They just decided it would be funny to switch outfits to see who noticed (no one did, not even their boyfriends!)

    2. When we were little, she let my sister and me have a circus in her backyard. We invited all the kids in the neighborhood and everyone performed a different act for the parents (I did magic).

    3. She remembers more Italian than she lets on.

    4. Her drink is a Manhattan, straight up. She's also been known to throw back a few ice cold Labatt Blues.

    5. She's no gourmet, but she makes a mean apple pie (and her spaghetti sauce is the greatest).

    6. She loves Oprah.

    7. Sometimes, she wears a big hat with a price tag on it, like Minnie Pearl used to, just to make people laugh.

    8. She can make friends with someone faster than you can blink an eye. Once, she picked me up at the airport and as she got up to greet me, she gave this young girl sitting near her a big hug and a kiss and told her she hoped to hear from her soon. I asked her how she knew the girl, and she told me that she had just met her about 10 minutes ago!

    9. While watching TV she has to be in charge of the "clicker" and flips channels during commericals.

    10. She loves to re-paint her house, but ultimately, the walls always end up white.

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    I keep forgetting you're in Rochester too! : D
    Well...I ought to get a list in here too, since I prodded you into doing this!
    Ten Things I Know About My Mommy:
    1) She lost her hearing at the age of 6 mos. after a bout with whooping cough.
    2) She was the youngest student (at the time)to be admitted to the Indiana State School for the Deaf at the age of 4 in 1939. She said that the only time she ever saw her dad cry was when they had to take her to live at the school, which was several hours away from their home.
    3) She once killed a rat with a shovel in the cow barn.
    4) She was an athelete in college~ basketball and volleyball, despite the fact that she started showing signs of Fibromyalgia then. (she wasn't actually diagnosed until maybe 5 yrs. ago~imagine that!)
    5) She bagged my dad during a Sadie Hawkin's Day race in college, beating out all the other gals who were chasing him! And they've been together ever since!
    6) She is very artistic and crafty.
    7) She is very loving and supportive.
    8) She is very stubborn.
    9) She loves to travel.
    10) She and her 3 sisters look like slightly different variations of their mother. No mistaking they are sisters!

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    This is about my Granny. She died about 3 years ago from Alzheimer's. I hadn't really talked to her for 9 years before that though because her mind went downhill FAST the first year it developed.

    1. She played amazing guitar. She was told once that she should record it and she would likely get a record deal. She never did though - her family was more important. I think an acoustic guitar - whether it's a song or just practice - is the most beautiful sound in the world. I would give anything to be able to just sit and listen to her play...

    2. she was adopted when she was little. Her birth name was Dorothy, her adoptive family named her Marilyn Leah. We need to do some research into her family because she developed Alzheimer's - just to see how often it occurred........A scary thing to find out...but we need to.

    3. She had a blue Honda Civic. She got in a wreck when a pizza delivery guy sped too fast around a curve (back when they still had the 30 min. or less deal...) and it totalled the car. She kept the "Civic" nameplate thingy.

    4. She told me that she would feed squirrels in the park when she was younger. Said she got them to eat out of her hand they got so used to her.

    5. She was beautiful when she was younger. She used to tell me how all the boys chased her ;) lol

    6. She loved square dancing.

    7. She loved animals enough to pick fleas off the dogs in the summer with tweezers because nothing else was working.

    8. She used to get mad at me for picking out the chocolate chips in granola bars when I was little. I would save them to eat all at once after I was done w/ the granola part.

    9. She worked someplace called Cambridge. I think it might've been a hotel, maybe she was a maid.

    10. She was deaf in one ear. I don't know if I ever asked her why, but I've forgotten now. I need to ask my mom.

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    10 Spot on She Who Must Be Obeyed ( my mom)

    1. grew up on a farm in rural SE michigan.

    2. whip smart, had to join the army in lieu of resitution for getting her best friend stuck in a dumb waiter between floors of hospital where they were in nurses' training. Firemen had to rip out 2 floors to rescue friend.

    3. Army Nurse/Vietnam Vet; brought me back as a souvenier.

    4. loves jewelry! Real, costume, jewels au junk.

    5. always wanted to be a fashion designer.

    6. has awesome collection of American Primitive antiques and quilts.

    7. reads cheesey "Ellery Queen Mystery Magazines".

    8. favorite color is red.

    9. fabulous cook; makes best pie crust in universe

    10. has 6 walk-in cedar lined closets of clothes with matching shoes and bags, all organized by season, and color. Creepy weird.

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    Well, it's easy to see why we all are the way we are...we have super-cool mamas and grandmamas!


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    10 Things I know about my Grandma:

    1. She ruined one of my grandfathers Army Air Corps uniforms trying to wash it with Sweetheart Soap.

    2. She is holding out on an important ingredient in her shrimp gumbo. She is the only one who can make it taste so good!

    3. She gets the funniest wide eyed look when she says "SHIT!" and tries to appologize.

    4. She loved to have Grandaddy scratch her back while watching golf.

    5. I'm the only grandkid she ever had to spank! I have to admit, I was rotten that day and deserved it!

    6. She is the best seamstress I know. She got me hooked on sewing by helping me make barbie clothes and Troll clothes.

    7. She loves cooking huge meals for too many people and also loves not sitting down to eat it because she is so busy waiting on everyone's needs.

    8. She loved Grandaddy a lot because he was something to put up with! A good man, but stubborn as could be.

    9. She is happy to have sold her house of umpteen years and move closer to my mom and dad, because she knows the value of memories over material.

    10. She loves driving to the post office to get her mail.

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    This is a cool topic! Here are 10 things I know about my lovely Mum:

    1. Before walking up the aisle with my Dad, her mother told her green was a very unlucky colour to get married in (yes it was in the 70s!) and my Mum knew she was right, but didn't say anything.

    2. The "relationship weight" showing in her wedding dress was my older brother.

    3. She drank champagne and celebrated when her decree nisi (final divorce certificate) came through!

    4. She says turning 40 was great but turning 50 was fabulous!

    5. 1977 was the worst year ever for my Mum, not only did her mother die suddenly - but so did Elvis!

    6. She once ripped both her hamstrings during an attempt to do the splits at a raucous party - this was only a couple of years ago!

    7. A few years ago she was sitting in a bar in Hawaii with a band playing and watching the sunset , she began to cry uncontrollably because she said it was "too beautiful".

    8. She was once offered a breast reduction on the National Health Service but turned it down saying "if it wasn't for my giant chest I wouldn't have developed a personality to distract people with".

    9. She used to knit obsessively when working night shifts.

    10. She runs a 5K race every year for charity and does lots of exercise.

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    10 things about my Husband.

    1. He has more clothes than I do - 99% of these being band shirts - he has the walk in closet, I have the closet in the 2nd bedroom ;)

    2. Is an amazing artist and doesn't use it.

    3. Used to work in a nursing home. It almost made me cry one day when I visited him at work and he was taking care of some of the residents. You could tell he actually cared about them. Thing is - he wasn't a nurse - he cleaned.

    4. He doesn't open doors for me all the time, or whatever - but when he does do something "romantic" it means so much more than if he did it all the time.

    5. Gets obsessions. Last year it was handmade masks (like Freddy, Frankenstein, Michael Myers) now it's wrestling belts (??) He has 18 of them right now and 2 on the way.

    6. He can never let his room sit the way it is. (We compromised and I decorate our bedroom he decorates the computer room/2nd bedroom) I've changed things around in the bedroom once in 2 years. He does it weekly. :)

    7. He was more nervous than I was when we got married last November. ;)

    8. He doesn't drive. Never got his license because neither of his parents would pay the $50 for drivers ed in school.

    9. Will be an amazing dad (hopefully soon) and loves kids more than he realizes.

    10. Has very little patience for stupidity. :)

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    This is about my hubby

    1. Waited til he was 34 to marry because he wouldnt settle for anything less than the same forever kind of love that his mom and dad have.
    2. Cries when he talks about our wedding
    3. Is 6'1" , 220 lbs and is afraid of spiders. (calls me from whatever room I'm in to kill them)
    4. Used to steal road signs with friends when he was a teenager.
    5. Only person I ever met that likes a band named Faster Pussycat
    6. Has a degree in art but works as a retail manager
    7. Never complains or questions me about money
    8. Took unbelievably great care of me when I was having health problems a year ago.
    9. Gets teary eyed when he talks about his grandparents that are deceased
    10. Has the biggest collection of 80's hair bands music in the world

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