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    kansas (why...?)
    i have a weimaraner named levi. nicknames include levi lapinski (during the olympics when he slides around on our wooden floors), levi lips (sandwich lips, butter lips, sugar lips etc.), lumpy (he has fatty tumors), levites the schnevites...
    the list goes on and on.
    i love everyone elses nicknames. its hilarious what we call our pets. (shitty kitty made me chuckle)

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    pet nickname

    my dog's name is Stevedave

    he is also refered to as

    Tevedave(with my silly vioce)
    The Stink
    StanEd- what my father in law and uncle call him

    when he is listening to me I say" Thank you Sir "or not he usually gets an "Excuse me Sir what did I say!"

    sometimes I too wish I had a Shitty Kitty, lol

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    I've got 4:

    Tuman is most often called Mamma, Mamma-Wub, Wubbie-Mamma.

    Dralion is: Mr. Man, Lil'Man, Wubbie-Man, Baby boy, Wubbie boy, Lil'boy

    Maharet is: Maha, Muffin, Princess, Shroomy-butt, Wubbie-Puff

    Mekare is: Crazy Coon, GrubGrub, PigPig, Wubbie Coon, Baby Coon, Bunny Belly, Jiggle Butt, Crybaby, Love Glutton

    Together, I refer to them so often as The Wubbies and/or The Wubs that that's what everyone else knows them as. On our holiday cards, they "sign" as The Fists of Furry Death Squad.

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    My two cats have so many nicknames, I can't even remember:

    Una - the sweetest little cat i've ever seen, a tortoiseshell is also:
    Una the Tuna
    Una Tuna
    The Sock
    Sock Cat
    Una Sue
    Una Peg (one leg is all orange while the rest of her is tortoise... she looks like she has a peg leg)
    Peggy Sue
    Una, sock cat of love and devotion (I shit you not, this is just because she's so sweet)

    And Piccola (pronounced Pee-coe-lah), a small fluffy orange female (rare!):
    Piccola Beecola
    The Cola Cat
    La La Kitty
    Miss Priss

    I am such a geek about my cats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kissmyknitz
    Art school girl, you reminded me of more...

    Clee-Wee Herman (because she's little and she hrmmmms *think whiny dog*)

    Judge Pooty (like Judge Judy)(Mr. Kiss can do the whole beginning with her name, something like "The kibble is real, the rawhides are real, the small dogs are adorable. This is her cushion, this is Judge Pooty.")

    My dog Clee-o-bell (like the Bjork song"My name Isobel")

    Princess Gatorina, Heir to the throne of Queen Mommie (Cause she's the first born)

    Another one I really liked was Molly Llama!! Funny!!
    cleewee herman is funny
    and cleo bell is something I've called cleo before a few times.

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