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Thread: Introduction :)

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    Introduction :)

    Hello. My name is Karla, but I've been called karlaBOO for years. Boo is my daughter's nickname, and it just sort of bacame attached to my name.

    I've been posting on the blogs here since last weekend, and I made my first forum post today. Sorry for such a late introduction.

    I've really enjoyed looking around here so far. Everyone is so supportive, and helpful.

    To sum myself up:
    2 children, girl/age 8, boy/age almost 13 months
    husband= audio engineer/DJ/musician/computer geek
    me= former retail genius/make up artist/Aveda lifestylist/current stay at home mom

    My craftiness/I make or do:
    I make huge, crazy hair poofs from tulle, lace, ribbons, vintage upholstery fabric, and what ever I can find.
    I make much more tame, girly, hair ties.
    I like to embellish, rip, paint, sew back up old clothes.
    I make soap, from scratch and the occasional "melt and pour".
    I have a knack, or nose, for essential oil blending.
    I am getting this crazy sewing bug. I've always hand sewn, except for one occasion. But, now I want to learn how to REALLY sew.

    Other Hobbies:
    Playing with the children
    Occasional club DJ appearance
    Occasional cocktails with friends
    The constant battle to stay in shape/get in shape

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    Though you are ahead of me as far as # of posts, I registered before you, so I believe I'm qualified to say WELCOME! and to introduce myself as well.

    I'm 34 and have recently found marital bliss (last summer feels like recently). He's a social worker/guitarist, I'm a former bass player who works at an entertainment law firm in NYC. We both still enjoy live music whilst now laughing back at our former music-scene selves, circles and antics. We are also thinking of thinking of conceiving...!

    My crafty side has been dormant until recently due to long work hours. Fortunately, I just worked out a deal w/ work to hire a night assistant so I can leave before 7:30 at night and have a life again. It's a paycut, but worth it in re-gained quality of life.

    Reduced work hours will equal enough time to:

    -Crochet and foster a general obsession with cool fibers and textiles. One day I will put those applique, dyeing and quilting books I bought over the years to use!

    - Journaling, writing detailed fun accounts of various life events to distribute to family members.

    - Create collages (I wanna post a pic of one that means a great deal to me but cannot find it in our apartment! I am slightly freaking out over that fact and have my fingers crossed that it turns up, soon!)

    - Embark on my own style of scrapbooking, I have a vision of indie-scrapbooking. Nothing against traditional scrapbooking - some of it is awesome - but a lot of it doesn't resonate with me. One day I saw a nontraditional scrapbook page that a getcrafty member posted. I was like, aHA, THAT'S the kind of page I wanna do!

    - Play bass - my strength and dexterity have faded and my interest in band life has diminished w/ age, but even if I just jam with the hubby at home, that'd be great.

    - Creative healthy cooking, step aerobics, cardio kickboxing and general working out, snowboarding.

    - Spend too much time on various message boards!

    - Enjoy life, traveling, friends, music, etc with the hubby.

    That's me in a nutshell. karlaBOO, see ya around...!


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