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    name ten fictional characters...

    ...that you would like to bone. One of my friends put this list on her Livejournal and it was--illuminating, to say the least. I haven't figured mine out yet, but I was wondering who everyone else would pick. It can be anyone from any book, movie, play, TV show, videogame, comic, song, epic poem, or any other art form I'm forgetting. And think about the character, not just the actor--for instance, Edward Scissorhands makes my list, but not Crybaby Walker, although both are played by Johnny Depp. This should be interesting.

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    well, you can take Edward Scissorhands, then, but i want Crybaby.

    "Narrator" and Tyler Durden, Fight Club. not at the same time, though.

    Rick Hunter and Roy Fokker, Robotech. also not at the same time. i think these choices make me a bad person in some weird way.

    Bubba Zanetti, Mad Max. this definitely makes me a bad person.

    that's all i can come up with for now. i can't think of any literary figures i'd bone. i must be too much of a "visual" person.

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    Hmmm, let's see if I come up with ten or not.

    1. Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean

    2. Dr. Frankenfurter from RHPS

    3. and 4. Richard Mayhew and the Count de Carabas from Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere

    5. Boone/Cabal from Clive Barker's Cabal

    6. Edward Scissorhands (Um, I guess if Crybaby approached me, maybe. I loved that movie, but I don't know that he appealed to me sexually.)

    7. Willy Wonka from the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the voice wasn't sexy, but everything else was)

    8. Ash in any of the Evil Dead movies

    9. Johnny Depp's character in the Ninth Gate (he was an asshole, but it was that whole, I could make him nicer idea, lol)

    10. Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles. (There are a few more from the vamp chronicles, but he's number one.)

    Yes, I am strange.

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    OK, one of mine is already taken (coughCaptainJackcough), so I will try to come up with ten original choices.

    In no particular order:
    *Angel from BTVS and Angel
    *Spike from BTVS and Angel
    *Solarin from Catherine Neville's The Eight (Russian chess grand master secret agent... mmm...)
    *Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities
    *Movie version of Aragorn from LOTR
    *Clive Owen's character in Gosford Park (which was otherwise a pretty terrible movie)
    *Marcus Flutie from Megan McCafferty's Sloppy Firsts and Second Helpings (If I were 17. Which I'm not. But if I were...)
    *Seth Cohen from The OC (See above)
    *Sawyer from Lost
    *Jim Trask from Rebel Without a Cause (oh, hell, I wouldn't even have to be 17 for that one)

    I'm sure that given time, I could come up with more, but those were the first to spring to mind.

    Alison, who just thought of Johnny Depp's character from Chocolat.. mmm, Irish gypsy...

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    1. The Punisher - from the movie.

    2. Captain Jack Sparrow. :) That's a good one.

    3. Johnny Depp's character from The Man Who Cried.

    4. One of the guys from Super Troopers...can't remember which one it's been so long since I've seen it, but I know there was one.

    5. Jack from Three's Company.

    6. The guy on Carnivale played by Nick Stahl

    7. A very brief thing for Nate in Six Feet Under

    8. The guy played by Joaquin Phoenix in Signs

    9. How could I forget! Darth Vader/Anakin in the newest Star Wars. Hayden Christensen is yummy in that movie

    Can't think of any others.

    Oh and this doesn't count, but I thought it was funny. I had a dream a few months ago...a sexual one...with DOG the freakin bounty hunter. He wasn't as icky as he is, I guess it was more of the "power" thing or something. I dunno. I've always had something for cops or guys in uniform too. :)

    I can't think of ANY literary ones though. There might've been some that seemed interesting but I've forgotten them by now. I'm more visual with this type of thing, or at least with it lasting in my brain.

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    After much deliberation, I have compiled my list of ten:
    Han Solo
    Edward Scissorhands
    Stephen (I Capture the Castle)
    Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights)
    RP McMurphy (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest)
    Spike (Cowboy Bebop)
    Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow (Batman Begins)
    Donnie Darko
    Mark Cohen (Rent)
    Westley (The Princess Bride)

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    *any glass sibling from salinger's books (especially franny or see more glass)

    *lloyd dobbler from say anything

    *jonathan safran foer from everything is illuminated, though i guess he's probably a combination of fiction and non-fiction

    *sam from benny & joon

    i'm sure there are more, but these come immediately to mind.

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    here's my list:

    * mr. darcy from pride and prejudice
    * aragorn from lotr, as played by viggo
    * michel/laszlo from breathless, as played by jean-paul belmondo
    * jamie from love, actually
    * the prime minister in love, actually
    * tim from the office
    * the mute guy that makes people eat ice cream from fallen angels
    * richie tenenbaum
    * phil from the amazing race. i know he's a real person, but the show's not all real, is it?
    * mark renton, from trainspotting

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    1. Tom Quinn, from MI-5
    2. The Driver - Clive Owen in the BMW movies, specifically the Wong Kar-Wai installment, "The Follow"
    3. Jack Manfred, from Croupier
    4. Christian, from Moulin Rouge
    5. Rupert Giles, from Buffy
    6. Hawkeye Pierce from MASH (Donald Sutherland in the movie, not Alan Alda in the TV show)
    7. Valmont from Dangerous Liaisons
    8. Wally Worthington from The Cider House Rules (the novel, not the movie version)
    9. Riley from Buffy (I loved Riley, I don't care what anyone says)
    10. Hester Prynne, from The Scarlet Letter

    Since half of my answers are men from the UK, it would appear that I have something of an accent fetish...

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    I love these thought-provoking threads! :D

    Here's my list in no particular order:
    1. Han Solo
    2. Mr. Darcy from the novel Mr. Darcy Take a Wife
    3. Xander Cage
    4. Marco Venier (in Dangerous Beauty)
    5. Spiderman
    6. Superman, the Man of Steel ;)
    7. Luis Vargas (as played by Antonio Banderas in Original Sin)
    8. Achiles as played by a half-naked Brad Pitt
    9. Jason Bourne (in the novels, not the movies)
    10. Chris from Northern Exposure (was going to say Mr. Big but then remembered Aidan, and THEN remembered Corbett as Chris the DJ . . . *lol*)[/i]

    ETA: I'm adding a #11 - Rhett Butler! How could I forget all the stars of the silver screen? 10 just isn't enough *lol*

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