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    I used to work at Hobby Lobby, part-time, until I got sick of having no time to do anything else. I'm a fairly intelligent, with-it kinda gal, and I have never been treated like such a stupid ignoramous like I was there. Like keying in purchases is difficult. Or checking the print out for bad check writers is hard (they aren't hooked up to a national system, so they have a print out from home office of folks that have bounced checks to Hobby Lobby only). And yeah, I don't get what the deal is with them not upgrading to scanners, etc. It made me wonder if the big wigs want the books to be sloppy to cover, eh, something else up. I'm sure their shoplifting ratio is huge, cause they have no way to track what has really sold. But the best part was the end of the night....they would check our bags and purses to make sure that we, the employees didn't steal anything. If you purchased something, with the discount, they would check the receipt to make sure the discount wasn't overboard (I think we only got 20%) and that all of the items were accounted for. It was so hypocritical. Crazy's a wonder they haven't gone bankrupt.

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    Oh and you know I totally pick up on that vibe when I shop at hobby lobby! Like you know they rip off part of your pattern envelope so they know to re-order? They did that and I told then they were being destructive to my purchase and then decided I didn't want it. Holy Smokes, I bought it, I wanted it kept intact!

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    This kind of crap just gives me further motivation to buy fabric and craft supplies secondhand as much as possible! Thrift stores, Ebay, Freecycle, trades with friends... all a better way to keep my hard-earned bucks from supporting what I don't want to support. It does take more time, but hey, if I have time to craft, I have time to shop at thrift stores :)

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    Hmm...I knew there was a reason I hated the big corporate stores. I find a TON of stuff in little no name shops and thrift stores. Totally the way to go.

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