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    Where I work, they can't start the rehiring process until they receive a formal letter of resignation. the rehiring is really long because of HR (like 2 months minimum) so were I leaving, I would give as much notice as possible, even 6 months or a year so they could maybe train someone else who already works here.

    That said, some of my coworkers who have a poor relationship with our managmenet have been burned because they gave lots of notice, and then were skipped for interesting projects, etc.

    Use your good judgement. If a good reference from them is important to you, give lots of notice. If not, and if you have poor job security, give the minimum you are required to by law.


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    Some companies make you leave the day you put in your notice. So if you still have a month or two left, that would not be a good idea. Having said that, it's never a good idea to lie about anything. Play it by ear.

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    I did it this morning. As suspected it's been a total avalanche of things they want me to do before I go, but generally the higher-ups have been cool. The department boss said I'd never have to worry about a bad reference from them.

    I brought doughnuts to butter up my supervisor and my employee when I made the announcement to them. It helped.

    I will be permitted to stay through Sept. 21 as I wanted to, and my immediate supervisor is going to that annoying new boss of ours to request that I be put on supplemental staffing so I can be paid for consulting after I leave. I thought that was nice.

    Thanks again everybody.

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    Glad to hear everything has worked out for you! Good luck! :)

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