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    Last year I was:
    -wishing for warm weather
    -still coming down off the high from my vacation to Costa Rica
    -still coming down off the high from going to a Coldplay concert
    -wishing for warm weather
    -procrastinating about taking the GREs
    -being bored at work

    This year I am:
    -excited that it is hot and balmy this week
    -wondering when my next big vacation will be
    -still scratching my head over why Chris Martin named his daughter Apple
    -hoping I can go to the beach soon
    -procrastinatining about getting ready to go to grad school
    -busy training my replacement at work

    Last summer was absolutely wonderful, but fairly un-life-changing. This summer on the otherhand is going to be full of change.

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    i really like this thread idea too!! let's see, what was i doing last june...

    - I packed up, planning to move from Hong Kong to Jamaica (dad's job)
    - applied to and visited 9 boarding schools in 6 days
    - went to camp for 4 weeks
    - decided on a school
    - ended up not moving to jamaica and moving to DC instead (bummer hahah)
    - went shopping for collared shirts and skirts for said boarding school (after i accepted/paid, i kind of HAD to go even though i didnt really need to anymore since we were now in DC)

    jasmineT, how was bonnaroo? did you go again this summer? i've heard it's amazing

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