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Thread: Men We Love

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    Men We Love

    spin off from the Bust Magazine thread...

    I guess we all love Eddie Izzard. Who else?

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    Thanks for starting this! I almost did it yesterday, but I couldn't think of any men I loved. Ouch!

    But today is different!

    Ewan McGregor - He's not perfect, I'm sure, but he has a very open attitude about sexuality. He's well-aware that women have often been put in the position of doing nude scenes more than men, so he's, uh, tried to make up for it by being nude himself whenever possible. Also, I'd like to personally thank him for his work in Velvet Goldmine. I admit that most of my appreciation for him is an eye candy sort of thing, but pardon me for that.

    Barack Obama - Once again, not perfect. After all, he is a politician, and like many politicians, he's often compromising on issues that are important (gay marriage, for one), and he's somewhat hypocritical (sends his kids to private school -- I can understand that, but it's still a little hypocritical). Still, he gives me hope that politicians can be better people than they've been lately.

    Alton Brown - So geeky, so cute, so scientific! He really does making cooking seem simple and fun. He seems to enjoy what he does without having to apologize and be all "manly" about cooking.

    This might be a good time to bring up my Tyler Florence obsession, but he really teases the ladies too much for me to justify putting him on this list (he's an honorary member, another eyecandy piece, I'm afraid).

    Ray McGovern - former CIA analyst. Honestly, I keep seeing him pop up everywhere. He's a little funny, a little snarky, and he's trying his hardest to expose the problems with this war in Iraq. I like him. I really do.

    John Hollander - This is one cool poet! I think that although he embraces more lyrical poetry and more traditional aspects in his own writing, he's open to postmodernism. And boy, can he talk! I once heard him speak for about an hour answering one person's question. He's just really clever, and I feel lucky to have been in the same room as him.

    That's all for now!

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    Johnny Depp but only in Pirates of the Carribean mode.

    Orlando Bloom but only dressed as an elf.

    Maybe I should just invest in a couple of costumes for DH :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by moggins
    Johnny Depp but only in Pirates of the Carribean mode.
    AND CRYBABY!!!!!

    dane cook! for being so hilarious. i have watched his DVD 7 times and i still cry laughing
    christian bale for being perfectly beautiful
    bruce willis for being plain out gorgeous and taking this thing with demi and ashton so well

    *not famous, but... my new boy for bringing me flowers, doing A LOT of household chores in exchange for me cooking dinner, surprising me with gifts that aren't necessarily expensive but he knows it's something i'll adore, and for agreeing that if it were possible for the man to be pregnant he would carry my child (haha)

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    My list of men whom I love for their physical beauty is too long to go into here ;). Men who I dig on more of an intellectual level include:

    *Nick Hornby - I want him to be my neighbor and come over for coffee.
    *Joss Whedon - Because he is funny and wise and freaking brilliant.
    *The aforementioned Eddie Izzard - See above, add fishnet tights and eyeliner.
    *David Sedaris - Because he can sing the Oscar Meyer theme song in the voice of Billie Holiday
    *Don Cheadle - Can this man give a bad performance?
    *Philip Seymour Hoffman - See above.
    *Steve Buscemi - See above, add bug eyes.
    *Cameron Crowe - I loathe Vanilla Sky but adore pretty much anything else he's ever done.


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    Johnny Depp-He's a classic

    Matthew Perry- He is just TOO adorable

    Stephen King- Not handsome, I love him for his brain
    Thomas Harris- *see Stephen King, above

    Peter Krause- I love his character on Six Feet Under...

    Jason Bateman- Once again, just TOO adorable

    And I love my husband... (just in case he ever reads this and becomes jealous)

    OH! I forgot Joaquin Phoenix and Vince Vaughn

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    Okay, just for being great to look at, Johnny Depp, Tom Jane and Hayden Christensen.

    Also for making some movies great and others tolerable - Johnny Depp.

    Dane Cook! so freakin funny. We listened to his new cd on the way to and from Louisville for a concert last night. I can't wait to watch the DVD. I, too, cry from laughing everytime I see that first Comedy Central show - where it ends as him being an alien or something. lol.

    Jon Stewart - for being funny and calling attention to political issues. Makes it a little easier to pay attention to what's going on in the news. And to FINALLY see someone on TV think exactly what I do about certain things and to finally SAY it on TV!

    And...well, he should be first. But my husband. For being cute as anything, loving and my best friend.

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    KLAUS NOMI! r i p





    VINCENT GALLO! (gets the asshole vote)

    and maybe michael pitt. maybe.

    -- eli.xoxo

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    Michael Chabon!

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    Ferndale is a cowtown!
    Alan Rickman

    Jean Reno

    Wayne Thiebaud

    Clive Owen

    Yay for Eddie Izzard! And David Sedaris! And for all non-jerky funny men.

    Tom Waits

    Kenneth Anderson

    And my husband, and my dad. Yay for dads!

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