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    Am I right in understanding that this was more of an informal "afterparty?" Not the proper formal dinner/reception?

    Maybe they just decided to do something like this last minute so they could hang out with friends after their family obligations are done. It happens ALL THE TIME. Most of the time, there isn't even 4 days notice! It's usually something that gets cooked up last minute.

    I've been DJing weddings for almost a decade. I've seen this A LOT. Sometimes I am invited to come DJ for the after party, but usually they go out dancing at a club or back to a house. (Pool Party!)

    I've also been invited to many after parties as a guest from friends of a friend or coworkers of my husband. No big deal. I don't let things like that bug me since I know how much it starts adding up per person when you want to invite everyone in your inner circle of friends and family PLUS your other circle. Yikes!

    The after parties are more fun, too! :)

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    One other thing to add.

    If it was the guy's responsibility to contact you, well, I don't want to generalize but guys are not always trained in the social graces, you know?

    My now-husband had one friend (only ONE friend) who I did not already know or have an address for, and it was his responsibility to find out the contact info so we could properly invite the friend and a date, and then thank them for their gift and all that business.

    Let's just say that invite and thank you were given out in person at the very last minute because a certain now-husband was a TOTAL flake about it!

    You may know these people well enough to know that the Mr. is not that flaky, but if you don't, just consider that that might have something to do with it.

    P.S. Now-husband does have more than one friend in the world, in case this seemed confusing.

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